Idaho Trappers Association October 2009 Report

President — Hance Clayton, 4355 W. 49th St., Idaho Falls, ID 83402; phone: 208-524-6304; 208-521-8404; e-mail:

Vice President — Vince Harrison, P.O. Box 412, Ucon, ID 83454; phone: 208-524-0082

Secretary — Michelle Gutierrez, P.O. Box 405, Mountain Home, ID 83647; phone: 208-587-5931; e-mail:

Treasurer — Tammy Jewett, 1770 NE Beaman Rd., Mountain Home, ID 83647; phone: 208-587-6822; e-mail:

NTA Director — Dan Davis, 2741 E 200 N St.,Anthony, ID 83445; phone: 208-458-4303; e-mail:

Election Oversight Committee Chairman — Corry Hatch, 1917 One Mile Rd., Grace, ID 83241, phone: 208-705-7068


Fall is in the air and my trapping fever is starting to increase. Fall is my favorite time of the year, beginning of hunting season and getting my trapline scouted and sets built.

Our annual convention is behind us and it was the most well attended since I have been affiliated with the ITA. We had it in McCall Idaho on the banks of Payette lake in ponderosa campgrounds. If you missed it you missed a good one. This is one of the most beautiful areas in the lower 48 states. I want to thank all who worked to make this a successful convention, especially Johney Whisenhunt, who lives in McCall. He worked his tail off and had numerous outdoor equipment dealers displaying and giving demonstrations as well as arranging and coordinating the use of the campgrounds. This was our official meeting to install our newly elected officers.

The two new members to the board of directors are Sean West from Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho and Johney Whisenhunt from McCall, Idaho. I will be your president for two more years ONLY. Thanks for the confidence and congratulations to the new directors. They both are go-getters and we are glad to get folks who want to work to grow and improve the organization.

I want to thank and recognize the vendors and folks who gave demonstrations. Demonstrations were given by Johney Whisenhunt, Bill Ilchick of Wild West Bobcats from Nevada, Ted Cantrell from Washington State, Hanson Power sports from McCall Idaho and Argo amphibian vehicles from Darby, Montana. VENDOR’S were Randy Shuff Lemhi Tanning (Idaho), Ted and Laurie Cantrell (Washington State), James and Kelly Throwbridge Western Nevada Traps and Treasures (Nevada), Pete Hammond H&T Trading Post (Idaho) and Dan Davis Teton Trap Company (Idaho). DONATIONS provided and graciously accepted from Benny Quaid (Oregon), beautiful hand made quilt from Tammy Rice ( Washington State, Dan Davis Teton Trap company (Idaho), Jim and Marry Kramer (Idaho), Linda Summers (Idaho), Mountain Sports (Mt. Home Idaho), Bryan Aber (Idaho), Ted and Laurie Cantrell (Washington State), Nevada Trappers Association, Loring pack basket. If I have overlooked anyone, please accept my apology and let me know. We the ITA appreciate ALL who donated and gave demonstrations. Thanks for a bang-up good convention.

I want to thank Steve Nadeau IDF&G fur biologist and Rita Dixon IDF&G biologist for their presentations and question-and-answer forum. I would like to thank Joel Blakeslee, President Nevada Trappers Association, for his attendance and input in the Fish and Game presentation and forum. A special thanks to Brent Kinsfather for his notices for our convention placed on his trapper forum. Jim Kramer was presented the Idaho trappers Hall of Fame award and Michelle Gutierrez was presented the Idaho Trappers Association Presidents award for her relentless and mega effort in running this organization. Congratulations to you both.

If you missed this one, you missed the best ITA convention ever. We are moving our fur sales from Filer fairgrounds to the Elmore county fairgrounds in Glenns Ferry. It is just off interstate 84. You can see the fairgrounds from the freeway. The dates for the sale are Jan. 30 and March 13, 2010. Mark your calendars.

John Barringer, the president of the Association for More Humane Animal Trapping, recently sent a letter to the Idaho Statesman newspaper. IDAHO TRAPPERS, this is what is going on with a group of anti trappers. Their goal is to outlaw trapping in Idaho. YOU as individuals have to get involved, get informed on the trapping issues, write a letter, call and e-mail your representatives. Write letters to the newspapers and please follow ethical trapping practices.

Folks, their agenda is not about humane animal trapping. It is about CONTROL and ELIMINATING trapping. These elitists think they are smarter than us and that they know what is best for mankind, and the world should be as they design it. We had one of these people at our convention.


— Hance Clayton

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