Idaho Trappers Association October 2012 Report

President — Patrick B. Carney, 208-599-5009;

Vice President — VACANT

Secretary — Michelle Gutierrez, PO Box 405, Mountain Home, ID 83647; 208-587-5931;

Treasurer — Tammy Jewett, 208-587-6822;

NTA Director — Dan Davis, 208-458-4303;

Election Oversight Committee Chairman — Michelle Gutierrez, 208-587-5931;


Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25.50

• Family membership with subscription — $30.50

• Life Membership — $500


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

ITA, Secretary

Michelle Gutierrez

PO Box 405

Mountain Home, ID 83647



Hello to all: I hope the summer finds you well and that you have time to get your gear ready for the upcoming trapping season, which is fast approaching us and it will seem like it will be open tomorrow. We have had a successful rendezvous in Fairfield. Idaho Fish and Game put on a mandatory wolf trapping class (mandatory if you plan to trap wolves in Idaho). The instructors did a great job on this class. I want to thank everyone who helped put this on, including but not limited to Jeff Ashmead, Rick Williamson, Rusty Kramer and everyone behind the scenes. I also want to thank everyone for making the rendezvous a success. Vic Smith, Jerry Strickland, Michelle Gutierrez, Rusty Kramer, Chuck Carpenter, Tanner Carpenter, and their wives, Mary and Jim Kramer, Larry Jones, and everyone else that helped out thank you very, very much. The FBU/ITA banquet was a great time. We gave away 15 firearms, three of which were door prizes. I don’t think anyone went home without winning or buying something. The donations were great! A few ITA members went above and beyond in bringing in donations, including contributing donations themselves. I would like to especially thank Robert Miller, Angel Lovan, Paul Jensen, Bruce Bartow, Dan Davis. A special thank you for these super stars Chuck and Sara Fiske, Tina Carney, Felisha Whitely, Alana Dasaro, Emily Desantis, Floyd Minnoch, Cindy Seff from FBU, the staff at the Boise Red Lion Downtowner and any others that I may have missed, you all went above and beyond to make the banquet a success. And thank you to all who donated to our cause. This year we will spend a large amount in support of HJR2, the Idaho constitutional amendment that will make hunting, fishing, and trapping “rights under the state constitution”. You can go on to donate for our HJR2 campaign. We are going to need a lot more financing to inform the general public on this issue. We plan on having billboards, radio ads, and newspaper ads in favor of HJR2 across the state. The people that are against this amendment are going to try to use trapping as the reason to vote against it. We must inform all of our friends, family, acquaintances, and other groups how important it is that they get out and VOTE YES on HJR2 in November. Please inform them that if they do not think they will be able to vote on November 6th, that they should call their county courthouse and find out how to vote absentee or early. This will be one of the most important elections in Idaho’s history. If you are getting anti trapping or anti HJR2 letters to the editor in your local papers in Idaho, please let us know the date and the paper’s name so we can counter them with actual truth and facts. This mission is too important to fall on a couple people’s shoulders. Please act now to do all you can for HJR2. Be vigilant and be prepared to help with letter writing. Do not let anyone get you mad so that you say anything the anti-trapping crowd could use against us. Be civil at all times, if you are not it will reflect on all of us and it will undo the progress we have been making. Make sure that you are registered to vote as we will need every vote that we can beg, borrow, or steal from the other side. The ITA is now publishing the Longspring Gazette, the official ITA newspaper. You must be a member to have a subscription to it. There is much information in it and we are also accepting advertisers in it. Contact Andy White (editor) at 208-944-0774 or for any information on the paper. Go to and click on the donate button and donate what you can. We are at a crucial time in Idaho’s history. Please do what you can.

Upcoming dates to put on your calendar:

November 6, 2012 – vote YES on HJR2

January 19, 2013 – fur sale in Mtn. Home

February 28- March 3, 2013 – Sportsman Show in Boise

March 9, 2013 – fur sale in Mtn. Home

2013 Summer Rendezvous – we need date and location input from membership. If the NTA Western Convention is in Idaho we will not hold a rendezvous

August 17, 2013 tentatively set for FBU/ITA Idaho’s Sportsman Banquet

Congratulations go out to Dan Davis, owner of Teton Trap Company in St. Anthony Idaho 208-458-4303, 208-403-3896 or email Dan is an ITA member and Idaho’s NTA representative. He was recognized by the National Trappers Association as “Trapper of the Year- West”. The award was for his efforts in helping promote and protect trapping in Idaho. Way to go Dan! Thank you for your hard work. — Patrick B. Carney

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