Illinois Trappers Association August 2009 Report

President — Paul Kelley, P.O. Box 75, Hudson, IL 61748; phone: 309-726-1443; e-mail:

Vice President — Mike Gragert, Box 20, New Douglas, IL 62074; phone: 314-713-7976

Secretary — Dean Corgiat, 620 Clarksville Rd., Pittsfield, IL. 62363; phone: 217-285-4984; e-mail:

Treasurer — Timothy M. Kelley, 17458 Tice Rd., Petersburg, IL 62675; phone: 217-632-3521; e-mail:

Membership Options:
• Individual membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $20

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:
ITA, Treasurer
Tim Kelley, 17458 Tice Rd.
Petersburg, IL 62675


Much has happened this month with legislation dealing with guns and their ownership, and use thereof. For those that have access to computers, go to or ISRA to bring yourselves up to date on status of firearm legislation. Much to much to try to list here.

This month has been a hurry up and wait period, with all the rain we’ve been getting. We finally managed to get all the crops planted, both corn and soy beans. This spring has been a tough one for most farmers right in my area. A trip to northern Illinois to visit one of the boys, I observed corn peeking through the soil long before our ground could even be worked. Well, now it’s done, pray for the best.

The Richard Daniel Memorial Scholarship received one applicant this year. This scholarship is a $1,000 award to anyone that meets the criteria set forth. Inquiries should be addressed to me at Paul Kelley, P.O. Box 75 Hudson, IL. 61748 All applicants will be for next year’s award (2010) as the deadline has been passed for this year.

As a reminder, the “Young Trappers Camp” will again be held Sept. 11,12,13 at Lotus Camp at Lake Carlyle. For the kids needing to pass their Trapper Education class in order to obtain their license. This is an opportunity to spend a weekend camping while doing so. Bring your camping gear, appetite and willingness to learn. Talk mom or dad into bringing you down, for one reason it’s totally free to you. For info, contact Mike Gragert at 618-637-9061 or Paul Kelley 309-726-1443. Pre-registration before Aug. 1, in order to obtain needed teaching books, and materials.

Our 2009 ITA convention is to be held in the southern Illinois city of Anna. The dates are Oct. 1, 2, 3 and 4. Monte Russell is in charge and will have any needed information. Contact him at 618-748-9185 The first couple days are for set up and the convention will start at noon on Friday, Oct. 2 and continue through Sunday Oct. 4 at 3 p.m. Fish fry on Friday evening.

Tentative line up for demos:

Friday, Oct. 1
Tom Olson — Beaver trapping
Kyle Kaatz — Lure making and gland collection
Monte Russell — Coyotes

Saturday, Oct. 2
Hank Wendt — Gray fox
Gary Armstrong — ’Coon
Jerry Schilling — Turtles
Don Robinson — Conibears
Neal Graves — ’Coon
John Wilson — Choice
Tom Olson — Muskrats
Gary Armstrong — Beaver snaring

Sunday, Oct. 4
Carroll Williams — Coyotes

The balance of the demonstrations are yet to be obtained

NOTE — Trapper Education Class, 8/1/09, Odd Fellows Lodge 2111/2 Locust St., Fairbury, IL. Contact 815-674-8004 by July 25 to register for the class.

NOTE — Trapper Education class will be held on Saturday, Oct. 3 at the convention in Anna, IL. Call Monte Russell at 618-748-9185 or Paul Kelley at 309-726-1443 on or before Sept. 25 to pre-register.

Until next month.

— Paul Kelley


The NTA continues to work on behalf of trappers, not only in IL, but the rest of the states as well. By the time this sees print, the court cases in MN and ME should be settled. The trappers in CT, made it through the legislative session without any bills detrimental to trapping being passed.

Montana is gearing up for a ballot initiative fight with the anti group Footloose.You might ask why an article in the ITA section would include information on other states, but we are all in this together. What goes on in one part of the country will have an effect on the rest of it sooner or later. You might ask, “what can I do?” Well, be sure to let someone on the ITA or NTA know about any newly introduced legislation or rule changes you hear about. We need all the eyes and ears we can get to keep track of this kind of information.

I will be attending the NTA Board of Directors meeting July 28-29 in Lima, Ohio. Be assured that I will do my best to represent ALL the trappers from the state of IL. I take very seriously the fact that I am there to represent the interest of the IL trappers. Following the Board of Directors meeting, I will spend some time at the convention.

Don’t forget that our ITA convention will be held in Anna, IL this year Oct. 1-4. Carroll Williams will be putting on a trappers education class for those of you that might need this to obtain a trapping license. We are going to have a really nice schedule of demos, so be sure to come and observe.

If you should have any questions concerning the NTA, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

— Vaughn J. Suhling

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