Illinois Trappers Association December 2013 Report


President — Mike Gragert, 511 S. 5th St., New Douglas, IL 62074; 618-637-9061;

Vice President — Carroll Williams, RR4 Box 135, Fairfield, IL 62837; 618-516-2275;

Secretary — Wes Johnson, 26704 N. 3360 East Road, Chenoa, IL 61726; 815-419-5204;

Treasurer — Bill Paulsen, 2443 Penn Blvd., Lake Villa, IL 60046

Membership Director — Cody Champ, 9530 E. Meadows Road, Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

NTA Director — Angela Billings, RR 1 Box 127, Stronghurst, IL 61480; 309-221-1593;


Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $20


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

ITA, Treasurer

Bill Paulsen, 2443 Penn Blvd.

Lake Villa, IL 60046



Hi, all. By the time you all read this, the season will be in full swing. First, let me say thanks to all the people that helped with the convention. I also want to thank all the ITA members that voted and were active in some way this year. this year. And thanks to Joe McCall, Jim and Connie Bethel, Randy Kiefner, Ericca Graves, Bob Stinecamp and ITA President Mike for two trapping seminars we did at the east Peoria Bass Pro Shop. I hope to see a lot of you at the ITA fur sales this year. The first one will be in Odell, Ill. on Jan. 11, and in Fairfeild, Ill. on Jan 25. Also, I hope you all save a ’coon for the ’coon raffle at the fur sales. Also, I would like to tell you all, as of now, we are over 1,000 members. I would like to send out a challenge to all ITA members to sign up just one new member this year, and we could really have some numbers on the rolls when we go to Springfield, Ill. That’s about all for now. Remember to take a kid trapping. More later. Thanks and God bless. — Neal Graves



Well the season is peeking around the corner in about a week as I write this. I did make it down to the convention for Friday, but wasn’t there for Saturday’s fun. The turn out was very good but never rivaled many of them from the late seventies and eighties. Still the turnout for the fish fry and general meeting was very well attended.

Several issues were voted on by the general membership, that was recommended by the officers and Board of Directors. The felony clause was read and presented to the membership by Pres. Gragert. The amendment read as follows “No person possessing a felony conviction, nor those unable to obtain a hunting,fishing, or trapping license within the state of Illinois, shall be allowed to run for or stand as an elected position of Officer or member of the Board of Directors. Persons possessing a felony conviction shall not be allowed to authorize, lead, or participate in any events or activities sponsored or promoted by the ITA that involve children. Neither shall such persons represent the ITA , authorize, or lead any events sponsored or promoted by the ITA. “ The motion was made to accept by Mik Gallup, 2nd by Jiame Larrea , vote was unanimous to accept.

As of 10-4-13 the membership climbed back over the 1000 mark for the first time since the middle to late nineties. I’m sue that prices are the determining factor with the rise. It’s all good but look out for theft and jumping of permissions to take place with the increase.

Angela Billings gave an NTA report about the Montana lynx habitat Kraig Kaatz made statements the Montana wildlife agencies were making changes to kill the lynx lawsuit.

Next years NTA convention will be in Escanaba Michigan.

Carol Krumwiede gave a brief over view of what the FTA has been doing. At present Illinois holds the most FTA members of any of the other fifty states. Next years FTA convention will be in Pennsylvania, and the following year in Indiana.

NAFA presented our association with a rebait check for $3912.30. The check was presented to President Gragert.

This year we had only one scholarship applicant and it was tuned back. Two Hall of

Fame applicants were nominated. Don Lefler and Harry Deatherage of which both were accepted and awards made to both. Harry was in attendance and the presentation was made at the business meeting. Don is dealing with lymphoma and couldn’t make it to the convention, so my wife , daughter and I drove Don’s award over to him. Both seemed very humbled to receive the award.

Mike Gragert discussed the Youth camp and also the mix up on the Northern camp that ended canceled. Seems communications with the IDNR web site failed to post the event on-line therefore few if any knew about it. Hopefully this can be rectified before next year.

Two guest speakers were at the business meeting, those being Rep. John Cavaletto, and Tim Sickmeyer representing Sen. Bill Brady. Both had very good talking features and were well received. Thanks to both for taking time to address our group.

Here are the results for the sweepstakes drawings: Rifle – Joe House: Shotgun- Brad

Johnson: chainsaw- Dave Magino Cash 1st $200 Louie Krumweide: 2nd $150

Bob Forbeck: 3rd $100 Mik Mohr

The future fur auctions will again be on the second and fourth Saturdays of January. Odell, Il is the second Saturday at the Community building and the other one is again in Fairfield at the Floral Hall at the Wayne County fairgrounds .Doors will be open at 5:30am in both locations and auction will start at 8 am. This year we are going back to first come first served and dropping the purchased lot numbers, but all fur will be trapper graded, bundled and displayed by the owner. Stay with your furs because any unclaimed fur will be sold by the association and deposited in our treasury. Too many times we have to go looking for the owner when their furs come up for auction. The rules are the same as in the past, green and dried furs only, no animals in the round. If you are found trading or selling on the grounds, you won’t be back.

I’m sure many of you will read this somewhere about mid-season, but remember to play by the rules, be ethical and honest, and respect not only the other trappers in the field, but also the bird hunters and coon hunters or other sportsmen afield.

I’ve rambled enough for this month, see you the next time around.

Stay safe and God Bless! — Paul Kelley

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