In Passing: Ray J. Driscoll Sr.


When you meet honesty, knowledge, truthfulness and just good qualities in a person, you want to keep them in your life and in your business dealings. I’m speaking to you trappers and fur dealers who have dealt with, sold to and I’m sure learned from the late Ray Driscoll Sr.

You might have walked away thinking you should have or could have gotten more for a hide, but I’m sure you were told or shown why you got what you got. It was usually because there was a blemish, it wasn’t put up well or the hide was harvested too early. But you were just being helped out or given a better method of taking better care of your hides.

Ray Driscoll was nothing but honest, and he always gave helpful hints to anyone who needed advice or help, not to be a big shot, just to be helpful.

There will never be a better, kinder, more passionate person who just loved his trade, and he knew it well. Good luck to those who continue the old profession. Dennis Heck remains Ray’s trusted friend and is one of the best and true friend.

We miss you and love you.

“One of a kind.”

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