Independent Fur Harvesters of Central New York January 2013 Report

President — Al LaFrance; 315-682-2050

Vice President — Ed Wright

Treasurer — Tim Evans

Secretary — Rich Palmer


Minutes of meeting — Nov. 11, 2012


– The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

– Minutes of last meeting were read and accepted.

– Treasurer’s report was read and accepted.



– Al updated the club’s archives, some interesting information was added. Contact Al for a copy.

– The On Center Outdoor show folks contacted Al. We can’t do their show due to our Predator Hunt being on the same weekend.

– Al and Mike Kraus did a skinning demo and a talk for the ESF students helping to teach the future biologists.

– Al mailed out over 100 letters asking for donations and door prizes for the hunt. Great job, Al.

– Al submitted receipts for newsletter, Predator Hunt and trailer registration paperwork. We voted to reimburse him.



– Nedrow Sportsman Club’s spaghetti dinner was cancelled from October and moved to March. They are having their game dinner in February. Contact Al for details.

– Our Fur Sale in December is still a go. We need help! Please show up! The DEC should be there. Make sure your forms for tags are filled out before you get there. They should be filled out at time of harvest. Ed please call the DEC to make sure there’s an Officer there.

– The club voted to give me the goose decoys. I appreciate it, but I will still send Al a check. It’s only right.

– Thanks to Karl’s wife for the food. It was very good. An thanks to Karl for transporting it.

– Jim Ross is supplying the food for December.



– Cortland — The range at Solon is a go for our Fur Rondy next September.



– Dec. 23 – Christmas Banquet, RSVP Al at 682-2050

– Jan. 11-13 – Coyote Hunt

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  1. i was wondering were i could sell my fur in the 2013 trapping season i have been looking around for buyers and i have not had good luck Thank you.

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