Iowa Trappers Association November 2009 Report

President — Craig Sweet, 1825 Kirkwood St., Saint Charles, IA 50240; phone: 641-764-2758

Vice President — Randy Mitchell, Iowa Fall, IA; phone: 641-648-6787

Secretary — Patty Kempf, 3371 130th St., Jamaica, IA 50128; e-mail:

Treasurer — Chris Grillot, 2769 110th Ave., Wheatland, IA 52777; phone: 563-374-1074;  e-mail:

FTA Director — Gene Purdy, 521 Edwin Place, Fontanelle, IA 50846; phone: 641-745-8841

NTA Director — George Scalf, 123 N. Madison Ave., Ottumwa, IA 52501; phone: 641-682-3937; e-mail:

Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $15
• Lifetime membership with subscription — $250

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

ITA Secretary
Patty Kempf
3371-130th St.
Jamaica, IA 50129


Greetings to all. The 50th ITA convention was a great convention. Thanks to Spencer Hill and Eric Rector for organizing this convention. The weather was superb and cooperated except for a small shower on Friday evening. Thanks to everyone who helped with and/or during the convention, I will not name names as I know I will forget someone and there are too many to name.

From the ITA members and non-members who attended, the inside dealers, tailgaters, members of the ITA board and last but not least all the people of the Franklin County Fair Board who provided the assistance when needed — Thank you all, for without ALL these different people, there would be no convention at all. Thanks to Gene Purdy, Dwayne and Linda Kay for all their time in gathering and displaying all the history of the ITA over the past 50 years.

The dealers who I talked to were very happy with sales considering the economy. All 100 pure silver 50th Anniversary ITA medallions sold out at the convention — Thanks to all who purchased them. The Friday attendance was big for a Friday, and there were about 150 people who attended the Friday evening potluck. Saturday the ITA had the pleasure of having Miss Iowa 2009, Anne Michael Langguth, attend the convention. Her presence and down-to-earth-Iowa-girl hospitality and charm were enjoyed by all who got to meet and greet her. The musical performance she gave at the Membership Meeting was superb — she can really make a violin talk. We all wish her the best on Jan. 30 at the Miss America Pageant.

 At the Membership Meeting, Randy Mitchell was elected Vice President and Patty Kempf was elected Secretary as no other nominations were made for either of these officer positions — both will serve two-year terms. Awards were presented for the skillet throw and trap setting contest winners. Congratulations to all the winners. Saturday evening at the auction a good time was had by all. Seems Larry K always gets picked on. Thanks Larry for being such a good sport! We all love you Larry! Especially Phil. During September, the ITA had 79 new members sign up and 169 members renew. Patty has been a trooper getting all these memberships processed while in the meantime receiving two new hip replacements. Her recovery has been very good so far.

I received this past week a notice from the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge, McGregor District, that there will be two areas open to Youth Trapping. One is in Pool 10 between Marquette and Prairie du Chien that is 88 acres. It is located south of Hwy 18 between the main channel of the Mississippi River and the east channel in Crawford County, Wisconsin, directly opposite of the Sturgeon Hiking Trail and the Hwy 18 wayside.

The second area is in Pool 11 in the area know as John Deere Marsh which is 109 acres near Dubuque. The areas are open to youth under 18 years of age for the first 14 days of the respective state trapping seasons. After 14 days, anyone can trap these areas in accordance with Refuge Trapping regulations. Youth Trappers are required to obtain a Refuge Trapping Permit (at a reduced price) and state license if required. Youth trappers must carry all traps within unit, all animals must be handled and transported by the youth trapper only.

Accompanying adults (over 18) can assist in mechanical setting of traps, but can not place the actual set. To assist youth trappers, the Refuge has a limited number of bodygrip traps that will be available for use by youth trappers during the 2009 season. If anyone is interested, contact Tim Yager at the McGregor District Office at 563-873-3423. He can answer any questions you might have about these areas.

 On Sept. 19 and 20, the ITA attended the 1st Annual Izaak Walton Leagues Iowa Outdoor Expo in Des Moines. This was their first year for having this event, which seemed to be a big hit with all who attended. There was something for the whole family and all ages to enjoy. You could choose from many outdoor recreation areas in which to partake in or learn about during the weekend. Thanks to the Newlins, Huttons, Squiers, Joe Aeschliman and Ryan Barthman for helping out during the weekend.

Trapping season will open at 8 a.m. on Nov. 7. Remember, pre-staking is allowed two weeks prior to opening day on all public road right-of-ways, private land pre-staking is excluded from this ruling, with all equipment to be removed at close of season. Remember public road right-of-way trapping is a privilege that everyone can utilize in the state. Police yourself with common sense, courtesy and respect for others. Know the laws and rules associated with roadside sets and equipment, but mostly use common sense when setting — if in doubt don’t set them out. All of trapping will benefit from common sense and respect.

Don’t forget about the Iowa ’Coon NAFA raffle. For every donated ’coon to the raffle, receive a chance at winning 1/2 of all monies from the sale of all ’coons entered in the raffle. Half of the money goes to the name drawn from all entries and the other half goes to the ITA. The ’coon needs to be XL, dried and stretched. Let your NAFA depot rep know you would like to donate. Thanks and good luck!

Next year’s convention will be held Sept. 10-12 in Sigourney at the Keokuk County Fairgrounds. Sigourney is located about 85 miles SE of Des Moines on Highway 92, or 25 miles east of Oskaloosa. More info will follow at a later time.

The next ITA Board of Directors meeting will be held Jan. 31 in Ames at the State Tree Nursery starting at 10 a.m. If anyone would like to be on the agenda, just contact me. Remember all members can attend all Board of Director meetings.

 Better go for now. Remember to take a youth or another person along on the trapline this season. Trapping with another person along is always a good time and they might get hooked on the sport we love as well. Til next time, be safe!

— Craig Sweet


On Sept. 11-13, the Iowa Trappers Assoc of Iowa held their 50th Anniversary with the Convention being in Hampton, Iowa, at the Franklin County Fair Grounds. Unfortunately for me, I was not able to attend due to recovery from surgery.

I do want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to our Treasurer, Chris Grillot for heading up the Secretary duties in my absence. Also, a BIG THANK YOU to Margaret Squier, who helped hold down the fort.

After several days of going through all the membership applications, the results are in:

4 NEW Lifetime Members enrolled

3 Members renewed as Lifetime Members

64 New Members were enrolled

132 Members renewed their membership as well.

The Snare Shop did donate four membership applications and so far three persons have turned in their memberships.

Thanks again to all who helped with the Convention and for making the 50th Anniversary a real celebration.

— Patty Kempf


I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped in the booth during the convention. Many people make the work easier.

Patty Kempf continues her recuperation from her hip replacements. She greatly missed being at convention. Next Year, Patty!

Congratulations to Eric Rector, Spencer Hill and their assistants for putting together a great convention to celebrate the ITA’s 50th Anniversary!

50th Anniversary – Gene Purdy gave a short history of the ITA. The ITA was started by Jim Messler and Gerald Walkup. The 50th anniversary display board and easel was built by Linda Kay’s brother. Linda Kay put together the picture display. Thank you Linda and your brother for all your work on the display.

A great time was had by everyone participating in the various events.

Winners are:

Youngest Trap Setter – Dakota Teepe, 4 yrs old.

Boys Multi (13 & under) – 1st Scott Radcliff; 2nd Zach Long; 3rd Remington Hutton

Women’s Multi (16 & Over) – 1st Branda Grober; 2nd Cindy O’Hearn; 3rd Courtney O’Hearn

Young Men’s Multi (14-17 yrs) – 1st Tanner Tempel; 2nd Cole Smith

The above 1st place winners received a 1-year ITA membership donated by the Snare Shop.

Men’s Multi (18 & up) – 1st Rick Hemsath; 2nd Sam Hutton; 3rd Cody Hutton

Plaques for all the trap-setting contest winners were donated by Rick Hemsath. Thank you to Rick Hemsath and the Snare Shop for the prize donations.

Skillet Throw – Favorite event for the women!

Girls (16 & under) – 1st Sydney Stolba; 2nd Alexis Lenz

Ladies – 1st Deb McAnich; 2nd Cindy O’Hearn; 3rd Erin O’Hearn

Prizes for the Skillet Throw were donated by Tish Buss, Tastefully Simple and Jenni Shafer, Tupperware. Thank you Tish and Jenni for your prize donations!

Miss Iowa, Ann Michael Langguth enjoyed throwing the skillet at Festus!

Scavenger Hunt – 18 kids participated. This year, the winner was determined by time. 1st Bridger Hutton-$10; 2nd Zach Willey-$5; 3rd Remington Hutton-$3. Everyone received a candy bar.

Katie Blackman Scholarship – Gene Purdy announced the scholarship recipients:
Kyle Moses – St. Ansgar; Mackenzie Rector – Clarion. Each receives a $500 Scholarship. Congratulations Kyle and Mackenzie!

Gene stated the scholarship application is available on the ITA Web site. Anyone having difficulty getting the application from the ITA Web site can contact him.

Wayne Funke presented a rebate check of $1,407.64 from NAFA for furs from Iowa sold thru NAFA.

The ITA board of directors approved donations to Montana Trappers Association to help with a ballot initiative to stop trapping and the Fur Takers America to help with the cost of purchasing air time for ads.

Officers up for election this year are Vice-President and Secretary. Nominations from the board of directors are Vice-President; Randy Mitchell and Secretary; Patty Kempf. No nominations received at the membership meeting. Randy Mitchell and Patty Kempf continue with their perspective offices.

— Chris Grillot


I just received the September 2009 Board mailing from the NTA, showing Iowa lost 104 members last month! This is due to people joining at the NTA Convention in Mason City last year, and not renewing this year. Come on, fellas. We need you now more than ever. Isn’t protecting your trapping rights worth 10 cents per day? Send in that renewal today!

As reported last month, NTA General Organizer Todd Roggenkamp had resigned, effective Oct. 1. The NTA Executive Council was tasked with naming his replacement. Of the two gentlemen who stepped forward for consideration, the EC appointed John Daniel, NTA Director for the Tennessee Fur Harvester Association, to replace Todd. Also considered was Charlie Rath, President of the Alabama Trappers & Predator Control Association. Charlie will continue in his efforts as Chairman of the NTA Financial Committee.

NTA Financial Administrator Shirley Wagner tendered her resignation, effective Sept. 22 and will not be replaced at this time.

President Kaatz also informed the board that Dave and Karen Linkhart of Ohio have been tapped to help the NTA by acting as NTA representatives at functions such as FWTH and FICA. Dave currently serves the Ohio State Trappers Association as their Public Information Officer.

The Iowa Trappers Association held their fall directors meeting in conjunction with their fall convention on Friday, Sept. 11, at 1 p.m. at the Franklin County Fairgrounds, Hampton, Iowa.

Secretary Patty Kempf was unable to attend due to recent surgery. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery, Patty.

The ITA board agreed to send $2,000 to the Montana Trappers to assist in their fight against FOOTLOOSE OF MONTANA, a group endeavoring to stop all trapping on public land in the state.

I was able to sign up six new members to the NTA and renew 29. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the NTA booth.

For those who received a program at the Iowa Convention in Hampton, you might have noticed that the NTA Convention is listed for September 2010 in Sigourney, Iowa. Also, in my last column, a typo resulted in the information that 2011 was to be in Columbia, MISSISSIPPI.

The 2010 NTA Convention will be in MARSHFIELD, WISCONSIN Aug. 5-8, and the 2011 NTA Convention will be in COLUMBIA, MISSOURI (MO).

A chart handed out at the recent NTA Convention shows that 50.2% of the NTA membership is located in the Midwest (13 states: ND, SD, NB, KS, OK, MN, IA, MO, WI, IL, IN, MI, OH); 28.5% in the Northeast (13 STATES: ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, MD, NJ, DE, PA, NY, WV, VA); 12.0% in the West (12 states: WA, OR, CA, ID, NV, UT, AZ, MT, WY, CO, NM, TX); and 7.4% in the Southeast (10 states: KY, TN, NC, SC, AR, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL). This should help to explain why most NTA Conventions are located in the Midwestern section of the U.S.

I was remiss in my last report to mention the fact that my granddaughter, Anna Louise McSparen, took second place in the girls age 13-17 trapsetting contest in Lima, Ohio at the NTA Convention. Congratulations, Anna!

President Obama recently appointed Cass Sunstein as head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), otherwise known as the “Regulatory Czar.” Sunstein is an avowed anti-hunter and does not believe the Second Amendment applies to individual gun ownership. Alarmingly 22 out of the senators who are members of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus voted in favor of Sunstein. Iowa Democratic Senator Tom Harkin is one Sportsmen’s Caucus member that voted for Sunstein. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley stood with sportsmen and voted against Sunstein.

It was brought to my attention that a remark in Minnesota NTA Director Wayne Thom’s column attributed the recent prestaking and live market issues in Iowa to an “anti” group, and this is incorrect. I apologize for the remark on Wayne’s behalf.

I was scheduled to help Cody Hutton on Sunday, Sept. 20, at the Des Moines Ikes Youth Expo at Waterworks Park. However, I regretfully had to cancel due to illness on my part. The event was a great success with hopes for making it even bigger and better next year.

I am scheduled to put on a trapping seminar at Pioneer Ridge Nature Center south of Ottumwa on Saturday, Oct. 3, sponsored by the Wapello County Conservation Board.

The Iowa DNR Commission will be holding their Nov. 5 meeting in Delaware County. Their Dec. 10 meeting will be held at the Wallace State Office Building in Des Moines. Be sure to attend a DNR Commission meeting in your area.

I have received notice from the national office of several Iowans for which the NTA has bad addresses. If you know any of the following and their current address, please notify me. I will list their name and most recently listed town: Dale Billingsley, Ottumwa; Michael Kauzlarich, Knoxville; Orville Merritt, Griswold; Brent Radcliff, Mason City; W. Terrill, Muscatine; Allan Weicht, Melbourne. You can e-mail me at IANTADTR@MCHSI.COM if you have information on any of these gentlemen as several of these are lifetime members of the NTA.

— George. E. Scalf


The 2009 ITA fall convention held at the Franklin County fairgrounds at Hampton was a huge success. It was very well attended by both vendors and trappers.

The Outdoor Channel project is moving forward from the planning stage to filming and production. Hopefully several of the educational segments can be filmed at the FTA College.

The ITA BOD voted to send FTA a donation of $3,690.28. To reach this amount, the BOD will send the NAFA fur refund of $1,407.64 and matched it with $1,407.64. Dean Hoffman, ITA director from District 18, donated two fur coats to be auctioned of and the proceeds added to this donation. They brought $875 to make the total of $3,690.28.

FTA will also be happy to accept personal donations.

Start planning for the FTA Rendezvous to be held at Columbus, Indiana in 2010 and Dunkirk, New York in 2011.

East Central Chapter 16 held its annual fun day at Central City on Aug. 30. This was very well attended and is growing every year. Congratulations to Mary Mitchell for being named Chapter 16 member of the year.

Sign up a new member. There is strength in numbers. Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail if you have questions or concerns.

— Gene Purdy

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