Iowa Trappers Association November 2011 Report

President— Craig Sweet, 1825 Kirkwood St., Saint Charles, IA 50240; phone: 641-764-2758

Vice President — Randy Mitchell, Iowa Fall, IA; phone: 641-648-6787

Secretary — Patty Kempf, 3371 130th St., Jamaica, IA 50128; e-mail:

Treasurer — Chris Grillot, 2769 110th Ave., Wheatland, IA 52777; phone: 563-374-1074; e-mail:

FTA Director — Gene Purdy, 521 Edwin Place, Fontanelle, IA 50846; phone: 641-745-8841

NTA Director — George Scalf, 123 N. Madison Ave., Ottumwa, IA 52501; phone: 641-682-3937; e-mail:

Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $15
• Lifetime membership with subscription — $250

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

ITA Secretary
Patty Kempf
3371-130th St.
Jamaica, IA 50129
Greetings to all. Well, the fall convention went over very good, except for the light rains that would come and go and the cool weather. Inside dealer space sold out, it was hard for me to tell some dealers that inquired about inside space that we were full. I want to thank all the dealers, tailgaters, and people that make this the weekend that it is. The weekend was full of events for all ages. Friday evening there was the potluck dinner at 7 which is always a big, and karaoke which went over really well. Karaoke started about 8:30 or 9 and went to 12:30 A.M. before it was called and people were still wanting to sing. All ages got up on stage and sung, some were very good.

One person, which will remain nameless until the video is released for sale to the public, was the biggest fool to get on stage and perform, but everyone there got a laugh from it. Saturday’s event schedule was full from the kids Opossum Toss’um, not a real opossum, Fur sack, kid/adult 3 legged races, straw scramble, mountain man relays, trap setting and skillet throwing contests. All events had a lot of entries and everyone had a good time. One thing I need to mention and need help on. During the skillet throwing contest there was a misunderstanding as to as to the awards. There were plaques for three places instead of just 1st and I need to find 2 people. In the girl’s division under 15, I need to find Aby Thompson, in the women’s I need to find Becky Fitz. If anyone knows of these gals that was at the ITA convention and participated in the skillet throwing, I need to get a hold of them to get them their plaques. My contact info is above this report under the officercontacts, any help would be appreciated.
Saturday afternoon got to talk to Miss Iowa, Jessica Pray and her mother Rita. What a pair those two gals are when they are together, very conversational and fun to be around. While talking with them, I noticed that Rita was getting chilled. Jessica was wearing her, ITA donated, sheared beaver coat, so I went and got the sheared beaver coat I had made for my daughter and let her mother wear it the rest of the afternoon. They had fun taking pictures together while wearing the coats. I know that they had a good time even though the weather was cool that day.
Officer positions up for election were Vice President & Secretary. The current positions as held by Randy and Patty were nominated by the board. At the BOD meeting on Friday, Patty withdrew her nomination as secretary. During the meeting Tish Clouse-Buss presented herself before the board as willing to run for the position of secretary. The BOD then nominated Tish for the secretary position.

At the General Membership meeting no further nominations were received from the floor for either officer positions. Randy Mitchell will remain VP and Tish will be the ITA’s new secretary. If you don’t know who Tish is, she is the granddaughter of Gail and the late Ed Clouse. Tish has grown up around the ITA and NTA conventions and is know by most of everyone on the ITA BOD. Tish can be contacted at – Tish Clouse-Buss 500 S. 12th St. #13 Albia, IA 52531, 641-494-8474 or Patty and Tish are in the process of transferring all the equipment, materials and information. Thanks Tish for stepping up to take the position and to Patty for her 3 years as secretary.

Also, the ITA has filled the position of Iowa NTA director by appointing Chris Pohl. Chris presented himself to the board and was accepted to the position. Chris was an ITA director a few years back until having to resign due to an employment move. His contact info is – Chris Pohl, pronounced like pole, PO Box 862 Manson, IA 50563 , 712-469-2329 or Thanks Chris for stepping up to take the position. One last position change was the retirement of Tex Adams as District 23 director.

Tex has served for so many years in his words quote “I can’t remember how many” He will remain around to help out when or wherever, but just will not be a director. Thanks Tex for your years as director for the ITA. That now leaves Districts 19 & 20 in far NE and 23 & 24 in far NW Iowa open for director positions. Anyone interested can contact me for info in becoming a director.
This past weekend, Sept 23-25, the ITA was at 3 events. 23-34 was the Cedar River Outdoor Days in Osage which is their 1st year and well attended. 24th was a Kid’s Trappers Day at MacIntosh Woods State Park in Ventura. Twelve kids attended and received traps, lure and other info to get started in trapping. 24-25 was the 3rd annual Des Moines Izaak’s Outdoor Days. where they have everything to do in the outdoors present that people could participate in. Thanks to everyone who helped during that busy weekend at these events. Don’t forget about the ITA Fur Auction Jan 7th starting at 9 the Boone County Fairgrounds in Boone – same time and place as last years auction. I will get more out as time gets closer. Better go for now, have a good fall. Til next time.

— Craig Sweet

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