Iowa Trappers Association January 2009 Report

President — Craig Sweet, 1825 Kirkwood St., Saint Charles, IA 50240; phone: 641-764-2758

Vice President — Randy Mitchell, Iowa Fall, IA; phone: 641-648-6787

Secretary — Patty Kempf, 3371 130th St., Jamaica, IA 50128; e-mail:

Treasurer — Chris Grillot, 2769 110th Ave., Wheatland, IA 52777; phone: 563-374-1074;  e-mail:

FTA Director
— Gene Purdy, 521 Edwin Place, Fontanelle, IA 50846; phone: 641-745-8841

NTA Director — George Scalf, 123 N. Madison Ave., Ottumwa, IA 52501; phone: 641-682-3937

Membership Options:
• Individual membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $15
• Lifetime membership with subscription — $250

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:
ITA, Secretary
Dita Mallon
1021 E. 13th St., Sumner, IA 50574

President’s Report
Secretary’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
NTA Director’s Report


Greetings to all. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and are having a good trapping season as well. The otter and bobcat seasons were short lived as usual. The bobcat quota of 200 was filled on Nov. 19 and the 500 otter was filled on Nov. 25. Congratulations to all who got to fill those limited tags.

 As I sit here writing this in “my space,” those familiar smells and jobs have reappeared once again. I sit here as three broad stripes await the beam and boards for this evening — too frozen to do last night. In “my space,” time doesn’t fly.

For one, my clock on the wall has quit working. Clocks only make a more hectic pace and added stress in most people’s lives today compared to the past. My time operates at a much slower pace than most. Those traps I wanted to get set out three weeks ago — sometime. Help the farmer whose land I trap on, sit and talk for awhile. I’ll set those other traps later. I’m in no hurry. It will get done. Trapping is my getaway from the fast pace of this society we all live in. On one farm I am trapping on now, there are two of us trapping there. I have been the only one for the past two years and no one the eight or 10 years before. It’s OK with me, as it is not my land to control. We, the trappers, see each other most mornings, stop to talk, then go our ways.

Why fight over who is where? I am catching critters, he is catching critters, both of us are happy and so is the farmer for helping him. When we trappers start fighting as to whose trap is where and who was there first, even if it is not on private land, that is when bad things can occur. Be it a change to an existing rule or a total loss of something we once had. We all enjoy trapping for what it is.

Why fight? We can all get along as long as we act like adults. Better compromise between ourselves than have to compromise with the antis!!!

 On Nov. 22, Cody Hutton, Tracy and boys, John and Judy Lewlin, Dennis Johnson and I set up a trapping display along with pelts and coats at Sportsmans Warehouse in Ankeny. We talked to many people and answered questions. We handed out out about 40 FBU packets to kids — those packets are a big hit with the youngsters. Thanks to Sportsmans Warehouse for allowing us to set up our display and to Cody for organizing the afternoon.
The ITA will be at two events in the near future. Pheasant Fest will be Feb. 6, 7 and 8th in Madison WI and the Unidome Sports Show March 13, 14 and 15 in Cedar Falls. For anyone willing to help, contact Spencer Hill for Pheasent Fest and myself for the Unidome Show, we can get you the info you need.

 The winter directors meeting for the ITA will be Feb. 1 at the Iowa State Tree Nursery in Ames at 10 a.m. Anyone who is a member is more than welcome to attend the meeting. If at anytime you have a question, concern or comments about the ITA, your membership or any other trapping related topics, please feel free to contact me or any other officer or director. We will get you an answer or find someone who can.

Better close for now. Have a safe and happy holiday season. Til next time. Be safe and enjoy the outdoors.

— Craig Sweet


It has been quite the process of obtaining the equipment and getting trained for this important position of the ITA; however, I do believe that I’m ready for the challenge.

Here’s what’s happening regarding the Memberships.

August: 59 New Members; 196 Renewals; and eight New Lifetime Members.
Thanks to Convention!
Sept. — 5 New Members, 65 Renewals
Oct. — 6 New Members, 54 Renewals, 1 New Lifetime Member
Nov. — 4 New Members, 42 Renewals

Our trapping season has begun and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day for everything to get done! Busy is the buzz word for the time being.

The first 2009 ITA meeting will be held on Feb. 1 at 10 a.m. in Ames, IA., at the Iowa State Tree Nursery.

Remember to be SAFE in your all your actions!

— Patty Kempf


A belated thank you to everyone who made a donation to the ITA at the NTA convention in Mason City. Every little bit helps the ITA with its educational and legislative work.

By the time this report is out, it will be close to Christmas. Need any last minute gift ideas? An ITA membership or merchandise would be a perfect gift for your trapper.

For membership contact our secretary, Patty Kempf. For merchandise, contact myself. The ITA accepts MC/Visa credit or debit cards. Please do not e-mail credit card information, as we do not have a secure site for this kind of information. Either call or mail the information.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

— Chris Grillot


I hope everyone is having a good season.

Iowa’s furharvester season opened at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 1, with 42 degrees and dense fog. The first week saw temperatures in the 50s, most days, which made for fantastic trapping weather. We were really blessed with good weather all of November.

It seems it was good weather for thieves too, as we were hit hard, as were most every other trappers to which we spoke.

As of 8 am, on Wednesday, Nov. 19, the quota of 200 bobcats was reached. As of 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 25, the quota of 500 otter was reached. I did not personally score on either species, although one of my trapping partners did catch a nice large male bobcat on Sunday, Nov. 9.

Congratulations to everyone who managed to catch either species.

The Iowa Trappers Association will be holding their winter directors meeting on Sunday, Feb. 1 at the Iowa Tree Nursery, Ames. If you have questions or concerns, please contact an ITA Officer, your district director, or me for information. All members are welcome to sit in on any of these meetings.

We have openings in several districts needing a director.  Information can be viewed on the Web site

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Saturday, March 21, the date for our seventh annual FBU Banquet in Ottumwa. Contact me for tickets.

— George E. Scalf

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