Is Coyote Hunting Ethical in Spring?

In Wisconsin, we just went through one of the biggest snowstorms of the winter followed up by some frigid temperatures. Spring seems a long way away. But a glance at my calendar reveals it’s nearly April already and spring has in fact arrived.

With spring here, many predator hunters have packed up their gear until fall. Other callers, however, choose to hunt all year. It’s a debate that divides predator hunters. Is it ethical to hunt coyotes while they are denning with pups and their fur is nearly worthless?

Recently two of our writers came out in support of year-round predator hunting in articles.

In the April-May 2011 Trapper & Predator Caller issue, Tom Austin says, “Most states allow coyote hunting 365 days for a reason. Check your local game laws, dust off your calling gear, apply some deet and celebrate your independence by doing a little calling during the dog days of summer.”

And in the Winter issue of Predator Hunting Magazine, Andrew Lewand writes, “I would encourage all predator callers not to put their camouflage away when the snow disappears.”

What do you think? Do you hunt predators in spring and summer? Why or why not?

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18 thoughts on “Is Coyote Hunting Ethical in Spring?

  1. I think it is just fine to kill these vermin all year round. They have put a hurtin’ on our deer, turkeys, fox, quail etc…. They are now killing our pets and farm animals here in Southern Ohio. They don’t take a break when spring arrives. We shouldn’t either.

  2. Here in MI. the coyote population is not in check and we need to continue putting the hunting presure on them. They also are reducing the fawn population in the spring. We pass on young bucks but the varmits are killing the buck fawns. Buck to doe numbers would be much better if the coyote were kept in check.

  3. I trap and call coyotes in the four corners area out west, then sell prime hides or mount and sell some. I respect the animal for a list of reasons, and treat them as a "renewable resource". Part of that respect is allowing that resource to sustain itself, and the bigger part of that respect is not treating that animal like a road killed alley cat left to rot on the prarie. That "varmint" deserves time off to raise next years cash crop! Think about it.

  4. Unless you are a rancher with problem predators, you should not waste this resource when pelts are not prime.

    The deer population is and will remain just fine. Its not like you can harvest numerous deer, anywhere in the continental US so what are you complaining about? Are you guys telling me that you, a predator caller, cannot get your deer even when the population is low? Deer hunting in many areas is almost as easy as driving to the supermarket.

  5. here in montana we have lots of deer and lots of coyotes..I say hunt them when you is kind off a waste to wack the yotes when you can’t sell there pelts..I did well this winter..but if you have to many..shoot-em..I had ranchers calling me because they where loosing calves to coyotes..then its time to thin them out..


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