Israel’s Ban on Fur Trade Would Be First in the World

Israel could become the first country in the world to outlaw the fur trade.

AOL News has the story:

On Sept. 2, the Knesset is due to debate the second and third readings
of the groundbreaking bill introduced by Ronit Tirosh, a legislator
from the opposition Kadima Party, to outlaw the production, processing,
import, export and sale of fur from all animal species not already part
of the meat industry.

fur trade is tiny — worth only about $1 million a year — compared
with more than $11 billion worldwide, according to the International
Fur Trade Federation.

Fur industry lobbyists in Israel and
abroad, fearful of the international repercussions of the Israeli
legislation, launched a furious campaign and managed to sink a similar
bill earlier this year.

“A ban on all fur throughout the country
would be a world first — a major stand against the animal cruelty
inherent in the worldwide fur trade — and it would set an example that
other countries would look to and follow,” says a report by Humane
Society International, which sent two officials to testify before a
Knesset committee in Jerusalem earlier this year.

Trappers around the world will watch this closely. Meanwhile, animal rights groups, who have backed the bill, are applauding the legislation as a significant step for their cause and hope it starts a domino effect across the globe.

This is yet another reminder that we can never take our rights for granted as trappers. Join your state trapping association, join the National Trappers Association, join Fur Takers of America, support the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance and educate as many non-trappers as you can. The groups spread lies and propaganda to sway public opinion. We have to get out ahead of them with the truth.

You can’t always count on world governments, but you can rely on the accuracy in these 2011 rut predictions for all the whitetail hunters out there.

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