School Days: Prepared To Go Solo

6 School days.jpgPrepared To Go Solo

By Drew Dixon
Easton, Missouri

Last summer, I was bored and wondered what I could do to keep busy. I went to our barn to relax and saw my dad’s old #330 bodygrip traps and #1.5 coilsprings. I realized I could begin to prepare for the coming trapping season.

I started getting ready by making a shopping list. I ordered a half-dozen #1.5 coilsprings, five bottles of raccoon lure and five books. When the supplies came, I hung up the traps and made a special shelf for the bottles of lure.

My dad already had a trowel I could use, and I borrowed stakes from my uncle.

I had experience from last season, but this would be my first season of trapping all by myself. I read all of my dad’s old trapping magazines. By the time our Nov. 15 opener rolled around, I could hardly wait.

On the first day of the season, I set four traps on a creek that runs through the 20 acres we live on. I could hardly sleep that night.

Before school the next morning, I woke up and went down to the first set. I was greeted by a medium-size raccoon in my pocket set. I could hardly believe it! The other three sets were empty, but I didn’t care — one was good enough for me!

Later, my dad showed me how to make blind sets, and I caught two raccoons in them. However, most of my raccoons were caught in water sets.

After my early season success, my uncle, Dominic, took me trapping at his 1,000-acre farm. We caught five raccoons, seven opossums and a 20-pound bobcat.

During the three months I trapped my creek, I caught 14 raccoons and five opossums all by myself.

I took all of the raccoons to a local fur buyer near my home. I did not even come close to the amount of fur other people had, but I didn’t care. I felt good because I caught those raccoons. It wasn’t about the amount of money I got — it was about the experience and the memories.

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