Kansas Fur Harvesters December 2011 Report

President — W.R. Brecheisen Jr., 24685 Lyon Rd., Chanute, KS 66720; phone: 620-432-1074; e-mail: wrb43epb@hotmail.com

Vice President — Roger Macy, P.O. Box 112, Portis, KS 67474; phone: 785-346-2076

Secretary — Donna Macy, P.O. Box 112, Portis, KS 67474; phone: 785-346-6017

Treasurer — Pauline Brecheisen; 24685 Lyon Rd., Chanute, KS 66720; phone: 620-432-1770; e-mail: e-pauline@live.com

NTA Director — Russell Voelker, 11816 K-16, Hwy., Valley Falls, KS 66088; phone: 785-945-6750

FTA Director — Robert Currie, 926 M St., Belleville, KS 66935; phone: 785-527-2449

Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $20
• Family membership with subscription — $25
• Junior (14 & under) with subscription — $15

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

KFHA, Treasurer
Pauline Brecheisen
24685 Lyon Rd., Chanute, KS 66720

If you did not make the rendezvous in Osborne, you missed a very exciting and productive convention. Thank you, District 3 of the KFHA, Inc.; you did an outstanding job of hosting the rendezvous.
I am pleased to report that the membership drive that started with the Kansas State Fair and ending at our convention, we now have 40 new KFHA, Inc. members, which is more than we have had sign up in that short of period for quite some time. We need to push our membership at all the events we attend and we always need new ideas on how to recruit new members as well as renew all our present members.

We need fresh new ideas to make the KFHA, Inc. more exciting and appealing for both new and old members.
I was pleased with the number of KFHA, Inc. members that were present at the general membership meeting. It is you, the members, that make the KFHA, Inc. strong and it is satisfying to know that you members are interested in what goes on in your association.

I value your ideas on furthering the mission of the KFHA, Inc. whether it is educational ideas, different or more activities at our rendezvous, membership drive ideas or just something that has not been thought of before I want to hear about it from you. I have already had some great ideas e-mailed to me after the rendezvous and an e-mail or phone call is all it takes to get the message to me. I am going to be the president for three more years and as in the past I will listen to all the member input as you the members are the KFHA, Inc.
There were two major bylaw changes that were voted on and passed at the board of director meeting. It was decided to split the years that the officers are voted into office.

The president and treasurer will now be voted on in the even years. They will serve three years this term and then all terms after that will be two year terms. This will mean that in two years (2013) we will have elections held every year, in the odd year the positions of vice-president and secretary will be voted on and in even years the positions of president and treasure will be voted on. The other bylaw change that was voted on and passed in the board of director meeting is that we have a new official publication for the KFHA, Inc.
The KFHA, Inc. rendezvous for the next two years, 2012 and 2013, will be at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Washington Kansas. We have been at this location before and everyone seemed to enjoy the convention very much. Anyone with new, fresh or exciting ideas for the rendezvous or demonstrations that you would like to see presented, let us know. The Kansas Fur Harvester Assn, Inc. is your association and your ideas are greatly appreciated.
May God Bless.

— W.R. Brecheisen Jr.

Fur harvesting season will be open by the time this is out, so hope everyone got all the supplies they needed at the rendezvous. Thanks to all the dealers who traveled the miles to help make the event a success. Thanks also to all who attended. Seems that all had a great time.
Congratulations to the officers of the association on re-election or newly elected. Thanks to them for what they do for the association. They are:
President – W. R. Brecheisen
Vice-President – John Borror
Secretary – Dan Kuacik
Treasurer – Susan Voulker
A big Thank You to Pauline for her hard work the last 4 years that she served as Treasurer.

What a great job she did.
I want to thank everyone for their support during my time as Vice-President. It has been an honor to serve in that office for the past 4 years, and to represent the association. Thanks again.
The auction dates for upcoming season will be as follows: Dec. 17, 2011 – Jane. 21, 2012 and Feb. 18, 2012. They will be held at Abeline as in the past. If lot # is needed, Donna and I will be taking #’s again this year. You may reserve your #30 days prior to the auction by calling 785-346-2076 between 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. We will not be taking the books to work with us.
Have a safe and enjoyable season.

— Roger D. Macy

General membership meeting was called to order by President W.R. Brecheisen. Past minutes were read and approved. President and Vice-President reports were given and the treasures report was read and approved. FTA and NTA reports were given and questions answered. There was no old business so new business was presented.

Two bylaw changes that were voted and passed by the board of directors were presented, first being the officer elections. The President and Treasurer will be voted on in even years, with a proviso added to let them serve a three year term in the transition. The Vice-President and Secretary will stay the same and be voted on in odd years. The second bylaw change that was voted and passed by the board of directors was the change of the official publication of the Kansas Fur Harvester Assn, Inc. which will take effect immediately.

There was no other new business. Donation from District 5 of the KFHA, Inc, Larry Raby, and NAFA were presented and received. The results of the votes for new officers were read and announced W.R. Brecheisen President, John Borror Vice President, Dan Kvacik secretary, Susan Voelker treasurer, Russ Volker NTA representative and John Borror FTA representative. Meeting was adjourned.

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