Locavore Trend Turns to Furbearers

Eating food grown locally is a trend gaining popularity in urban areas. Those who practice it are referred to as “locavores.” Proponents say eating local uses fewer resources per calorie.

One resident of the Bronx in New York City gave this a try. He ended up eating many furbearers in the process.

From the New York Press:

I ate beaver. And muskrat. And otter. And a curious beast called a fisher cat, which looks like a wolverine and tastes like Garfield. I also consumed possum, deer, squirrel, giant water bugs, silkworm pupae and the alluringly named Colombian big-butt ants that were gently pan-fried till they were as crisp as potato chips.

The wild delicacies of the Bronx Pipe Smoking Society’s first Small Game Dinner, intended to be an annual event, were not served at a restaurant or from a food truck. Instead, on this snowy winter’s eve, the setting was the deserted Bronx Borough Courthouse.

It seems the more urban-dwellers discover about wild game, the more they like it. It stands to reason that interest in hunting and trapping will follow. That wild game isn’t going to jump in the pot on its own.

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