Lumberjack Uses Logging Machine to Free Bear’s Head From Milk Can


A Wisconsin logger used his forwarder to pull a milk can off of the head of a black bear.

The bear was struggling to free itself from the milk can in a cornfield when the video began. The man was able to drive up next to the bear in the forwarder and grab the can using the machine’s claw. The bear was quickly freed and ran off into the forest.

That worked just like clock work, by golly!” the man filming said.

The Mountain Man Cookbook


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Though many people might be wary of cooking furbearers, the 175+ recipes included in this cookbook illustrate that these animals are nothing more than “food-bearers,” and can actually make for a range of new, unique and most importantly, tasty, meals. An introduction to the book by wildlife biologist Serge Lariviere, a T&PC field editor, details food safety and preparation tips.

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