Madison Residents Push for Sharpshooter to Control Problem Coyotes

It seems like we’ve seen a lot of stories like this lately…Madison, Wis., residents are proposing that the city hire sharpshooters to shoot urban problem coyotes. Several coyotes appear to be growing less afraid of humans and a handful of coyote attacks on dogs have been reported.

From the article:

Dan Hirchert, a wildlife biologist with the U.S.
Department of Agriculture, said the neighbors have spoken to him about
the agency providing help in killing the particular coyotes that have
been spotted near homes and are likely the animals causing problems. He
said state law allows such action but added that the agency would have
to coordinate with city officials before any final decision is made.

“We’re really in the information gathering stage right now,”
Hirchert said. He added that he intends to use motion-sensor cameras to
monitor coyote activity including information on individual coyotes and
the frequency of their visits.


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