Maine Trappers Prevail in Lynx Case

In a major victory for trappers and outdoorsmen countrywide, a judge ruled in favor of Maine trappers in the lynx lawsuit that animal rights groups filed last year.

Here are more details from a U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance news release:

On November 10th, Federal District Court Judge
John A. Woodcock, Jr. ruled that Maine’s trapping practices did not
irreparably harm the Canada lynx and denied the injunction sought by
the anti-trappers.  Further, the Judge agreed with the state and the
USSAF that “irreparable harm” is harm to a species as a whole and not
simply one individual member.

“Although the
plaintiffs may appeal the ruling, the Federal Court’s decision is a
monumental victory for the trappers in Maine and sets an excellent
precedent that will make it harder for the antis to misuse the ESA in
their attempts to ban hunting and trapping in other states,”
states USSAF Vice President for Government Affairs Rob Sexton.

knew the evidence was on our side and are thrilled with outcome,” said
Skip Trask, executive director of the Maine Trappers Association. “The
USSAF’s legal assistance was invaluable to the favorable outcome.”

Andres, President of the Fur Takers of America commented, “Trappers
nationwide should be grateful that the court saw through what the
anti’s were trying to do.”

Support from trapping groups like the Maine Trappers Association, the National Trappers Association and Fur Takers of America and other outdoorsmen groups like the U.S. Sportsmen’s alliance was crucial in defeating the lawsuit. Trappers and sportsmen from across the country should be commended for all of the time and money they devoted to ensuring our trapping rights would not be infringed upon in Maine and beyond.

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