Man Fends Off Mountain Lion Attack With Chain Saw

A Colorado man was attacked by a mountain lion in Montana and defended himself with the chain saw he was using to cut wood.

Here are the details:

Dustin Britton, a 32-year-old mechanic and ex-Marine from Windsor,
Colo., said he was alone cutting firewood about 100 feet from his
campsite in the Shoshone National Forest about 27 miles west of Cody when he saw the 100-pound lion staring at him from some bushes.

The 6-foot-tall, 170-pound Britton said he raised his 18-inch chain saw
and met the lion head-on as it pounced – a collision he described as
feeling like a grown man running directly into him.

“It batted me three or four times with its front paws and as quick as I
hit it with that saw it just turned away,” he said in a telephone
interview with The Associated Press.

For more on the strange attack, read the Associated Press story HERE.

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