March 2009 Issue

Remember the person who introduced you to trapping or predator calling? They had tons of information to pass on, transmitting a contagious enthusiasm for the sport. Trapper & Predator Caller is like that person. Only this mentor arrives by mail, not by vehicle, and comes in the form of a subscription.

About the Magazine

Trapper & Predator Caller was created with a singular purpose: offer practical, comprehensive information for those who harvest fur and call predators. Each edition offers insights from experts with years of experience, offering ways to enrich trapping and calling knowledge. From beginners to veterans, Trapper & Predator Caller has something for everyone.

In This Issue

• Charlie Harder lays out the benefits of late-season maintenance.

• For the uninitiated, Mike Wilhite offers practical advice in "Otters 101."

• The perfect trapline partner may be the person you call "sweetie." Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Jim Spencer reflects on trapping with his spouse.

• Go beyond fur, castor and urine when planning to sell critters. With a little extra work, Jill Easton says trappers can expand the ways a harvest is sold.

• Shooting coyotes on uneven terrain can prove challenging, but not if you follow Dave Morelli’s tips.

• A predator calling trip to Colorado yields managing editor Jared Blohm’s first bobcat. Learn the techniques that made the outing a success.

• Near misses on the trapline can teach more than a successful catch will, as Mike Schoonveld explains.

• Editor Jim Spencer tells how trappers can get the public on their side in his "Editor’s Call" column. Click here to read.

See why Trapper & Predator Caller is an indispensable resource for today’s trappers and callers by signing up for a subscription today!

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