Marijuana to Blame for Decline in California Fisher Population?

Rat poison used to keep rodents out of illegal marijuana growing operations in California could be killing fishers in the state. A new study conducted by biologists from the University of California-Davis found that nearly 80 percent of the fishers they found dead in the wild had been exposed to rat poison. The biologists believe illegal marijuana cultivation in the remote areas where the animals live is the most likely origin of the chemicals found in the fishers, according to a California Watch story by Andrew Becker.

The biologists are also concerned about the effects of rat poison on the Sierra Nevada red fox, wolverine, gray wolf and various owl species. With an increase in illegal marijuana growth operations in the state and declining fisher numbers, the biologists warn that the issue must be addressed quickly.

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2 thoughts on “Marijuana to Blame for Decline in California Fisher Population?

  1. It has always been my belief that drug dealers and illegal drug manufactures/growers when identified and prosecuted should receive no less than life in prision without parole and ship them out to someplace like Johnson Island in the Pacific. Johnson Island is isolated and was the storage place for our Chemical Weapons Inventory. If the convicted dealers get exposed to trace amounts of our leftover chemical weapons I feel it is poetic justice after all they expose our children to their poisons.

  2. Lady, nobody is trying to sell your little Billy pot, and if someone is it is likely his 14 year old friend he has known for years, not a creep at the corner. These uneducated, illegal growers of pot are practicing the same logic and economics as your farmer who grows tomatoes for your conventional grocer. He/She doesn’t understand the negative impact their actions are having on the environment. Farmers all over the US use excess fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides and pollute are waterways every day. In fact we have hermaphrodite bass in the Cheasapeke Bay because of conventional, legal agricultural practices. There is no need to approach this problem with right wing soccor mom emotion (this isn’t a Presidential election-lol). Use rational thought and a sound solution will emerge.

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