Maryland Fur Trappers, Inc. March 2013 Report

President — Butch Glenn, 9 Jeanna Lane, Falling Waters, WV 25419; 301-465-0196

Vice President — Brian Elder, P.O. Box 603, Solomons, MD 20688; 443-532-5500

Treasurer — Kate Webb, 2919 Chestnut Grove Road, Keedysville, MD 21756; 240-818-4245

Secretary — Jaime Glenn, 9 Jeanna Lane, Falling Waters, WV 25419; 301-465-0197

Membership Secretary — Reed Muse, 3499 Niner Road, Finksburg, MD 21048; 410-790-6475;

NTA Director — Gene Garrett, 6361 Powellville Road, Willards, MD 21874; 410-251-3570


Membership Options:

• Yearly individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $30

• Yearly individual membership without subscription — $15

• 3-year individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $84

• Lifetime individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $300

• Lifetime individual membership without subscription — $105

• Yearly family membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $33

• 3-year family membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $96

• Lifetime family membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $480

• Yearly junior (17 and under) membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $15


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

MFT Membership Secretary

Reed Muse

3499 Niner Road

Finksburg, MD 21048



I’m hoping that 2013 has started off as a productive year for everyone. As the New Year is well underway, MFTI is gearing up for our annual events.

We will once again be holding our FBU Banquet on April 6, 2013. Due to date conflicts, we have changed the location of the event to the Calvert County Fairgrounds event hall. For ticket information visit We are encouraging all members to attend this fun filled event. If you have not attended the FBU banquet in the past, it is an evening full of good food, fellowship, live and silent auctions, games and door prizes. If you are not able to attend, I would ask you to consider making a donation to our silent or live auction. As April quickly approaches, we need everyone to join us in making the banquet a success.

After the banquet, convention planning will be underway. Our annual convention will be August 23-24, 2013 in Boonsboro, so mark your calendars now! As always we will kick things off with a Friday Night Crab Feast. Watch for more announcements about the convention in the coming months.

I look forward as always to seeing friends, new and old, at our annual events. If you have any questions for me please feel free to contact me anytime. If you have trapping photos you would like to share on our website, send them to me at

As the fur season draws to a close, I hope that your catch was plentiful and that your fur sales are prosperous.

Respectfully. — Butch Glenn



Another good meeting. We discussed the Trappers Post magazine and their upcoming Special Youth edition. Great idea and at no additional cost. Plus extra issues available to use as hand outs.

Last month we donated furs for Dist 8’s treasury and sent them with Jamie. Our three donated fox furs brought in $100 from fur buyer Wm Byler. Plus cash donated by Dave, for a total of $120.00. That sure helps out Dist 8.

The January and the upcoming February NAFA sales were discussed. From there we went into fur prices in general and on to how each of us were doing on the trap line. Most of our members have been hitting the red foxes pretty hard. Several trappers from other districts had been heard from and some impressive numbers of foxes have been taken. Now on to trapping rats.

I had a fellow trapper call me and refer me to a local, for me, beaver trapping location and I also did the same thing for a location out of my range. Trappers working together – just like it should be.

Roger informed the other members of a email received from our state president concerning a fur buyer looking for big numbers of nutria pelts to buy. None of us were in a position to help.

The Outdoor show in Dorchester County will have the muskrat and coon skinning championship contests on February 23rd. Donald did very well in the coon skinning contest last year and Dist 8 sure wishes him well for this year.

Jamie reported going after the white faced fox he had located a while back but reported it was not to be found. was discussed and along with the much varied end of the trapping season dates in the different states. Lots of trappers are done as I am just getting started.

With the deer die off we had this fall, I had expected to find a good many dead buck remains along the waterways, but so far I have not found a single one. I still have a lot of miles to go. We will see how it ends up at the end of the season.

Dist 8 meets the fourth Tuesday at 7:00 Pm during trapping season. We meet at the home of Bob Calloway at 14313 Cherry Lane near Tuckahoe State Park between Centreville, Md and Ridgely, Md. Call Bob at 410-634-1501 for further directions. — Roger Ringgold, 410-634-2552,



Our January meeting on Tuesday the 15th, and we had 15 members in attendance.

It was announced that a new location had been secured for the 2013 MFT/Furbearers Unlimited banquet, which will be held on Saturday April 6, 2013, at the Calvert County Fairgrounds in Barstow, MD, just a few miles west of Prince Frederick, on Rt 231.

We all discussed how our seasons had been going, and how everyone has noticed a little more competition this year. I guess that’s the price you pay when the market is on the upswing. I would gladly have shared my fox catch, especially the mangy ones! Seems it was my turn this season. Ming won our monthly 50:50, and graciously donated his winnings back to the District, putting an even bigger smile on Pat’s face as he gave us the treasurer’s report.

It has certainly been a crazy season weather wise. Generally warmer than usual, but in the last week, we have has seen lows in the teens with some light snow, followed a few days later by daytime highs well into the 70s! And PLENTY of wind!

And now temps are plummeting again. As another trapping season starts to wind down, spring is surely just around the corner, and with it, turkey season and fishing. So be sure to take a kid along with you, whether in the woods or on the water. Make a few memories and help keep our outdoor traditions alive.

District 12/13 holds monthy meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, October through April, at Director Marty Campbell’s Owings, MD home. Check and see when and where your local district meets and try to make it to the next meeting. Information about District meetings, MFT events, as well as other things are available on MFT’s website, — Dave Sien


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