Meet T&PC at National Trappers Association Convention

The 2011 National Trappers Association (NTA) Convention will take place
Aug. 4 to 7 at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Columbia, Missouri. The
52nd annual event will feature tons of events, demos and items for sale.

Trapper & Predator Caller will once again have a booth at the convention. Be sure to stop by and chat with the staff.

Here’s the demo schedule:

9:00 Kendall Obermier           IA   Coon
10:00* Mike O’Hearn            IA   Mink
11:00 James Lord                  TN  Cats
12:00 Tom Florin                   WI   Beaver Sanring
1:00 Darin Freebourough        PA  Winter Coyote
2:00* Hal Sullivan                  OH   Otter
3:00 Rick Hemsath                 IA    Water Trapping Coon
4:00 Tom Parr                       OH   Trap Collecting
5:00 Tom Beaudette              CO   Cats

9:00 Kirk DeKalb                  GA    Beaver-increasing the catch
10:00* Tim Reed                   MO   Coon with the Lit’l Griz
Cary Kohut                MO
11:00 Jerry Shilling                 IN     Turtle Trapping & Cleaning
12:00 FurHarvesters Auction           Beaver skinning
1:00 Tom Olson                     MN   Open water beaver
2:00* Clint Locklear               TN    Cats
3:00 Jim Comstock                 NY   Using Comstock Cages
4:00 Dave Hastings                 NE    Coyote Calling
5:00 Rally Hess                      MN    Building snares & cable restraints

9:00 Bill Applegate                 TX     Mountain Lions
10:00* Mark June                  NE     Canines
11:00 Dan Gates                    CO     Coyote w/ Cages
12:00 NorthAmericanFurAuction      Wild Fur Grading
Kyle Kaatz                      IL      Predator Theories & Tech
Scott Welch                    OH
2:00* Johnny Thorpe              NY    Under Iice Otter & Beaver
3:00 Tommie Alexander         MO   Coon
4:00 Mike Fischer                  AR    Grey fox
Cletis Richards               MO   Cats

Click here to go to the NTA website for more information.

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