Minnesota Grouse Hunter Kills Charging Wolf

A man shot and killed a wolf in northern Minnesota after the animal charged him and his dog. The man reported the incident to Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials shortly after it occurred during a ruffed grouse hunting trip.

The Pioneer Press included a report on the incident from the DNR’s weekly law enforcement summary.

“The dog ran back to the hunter with the wolf on its heels,” the report read. “The hunter shot the wolf at about 8 yards with bird shot as it was coming directly at him/his dog. Proper measures were taken by the hunter to notify the DNR and enforcement action was not necessary. It was a frightening experience during a grouse hunting trip that will not soon be forgotten.”

Killing a wolf in order to protect livestock or pets is legal in Minnesota at any time of the year, as long as the kill is reported to the DNR within 48 hours.

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  1. dumb question, any hunter is his right state of mind would have shot. what do you think would have happened if he did not shoot ? tree huggers would tell you different but this is the real world………..

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