Minnesota Wolf Hunting and Trapping Season Details Released

Minnesota state officials released the details for the state’s first wolf hunting and trapping season today.

The season will be split into an early season that coincides with the firearms deer season and a later season for hunting and trapping following the firearms deer season. A total of 6,000 licenses will be offered. The seasons will end if a quota of 400 wolves is reached.

The state will hold a lottery to select wolf license recipients. Wolf hunting and trapping licenses will be $30 for residents. Wolf trapping licenses will only be available to residents, and wolf hunting licenses will cost $250 for nonresidents. Nonresidents will be limited to 5 percent of the total issued hunting licenses.

For all of the Minnesota wolf hunting and trapping season details, visit the Star Tribune.

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One thought on “Minnesota Wolf Hunting and Trapping Season Details Released

  1. Paranoia is ignorance in the twenty-first century.When will Minnesota wake up and realize this truth and open its state to non-resident trappers?

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