Missouri Trappers Association April 2011 Report

President — Doren Miller, 26500 Pike 244, Clarksville, MO 63336; phone: 573-242-3319

Vice President — Robbie Page, 108 McCulley Street, New Franklin, MO 65274; phone: 660-888-2369; e-mail: trapperpage@sbcglobal.net

Secretary — Charlie Brown, 7130 Drury Lane, Maplewood, MO 63143; phone: 314-644-1364; e-mail: charliet1961@SBCGlobal.net

Treasurer — Paul Webb, 124 Mooreview Dr., Gravois Mills, MO 65037; phone: 573-374-2768

Conservation Director — Rick Friedrich, 11504 Hawk Hill Lane, Booneville, MO 65233; phone: 660-621-2131

NTA Director — Ron Pantry, Rt. 1 Box 84, Lancaster, MO 63548; phone: 660-457-2192

FTA Director — Henry A. Wendt, P.O. Box 123, Couch, MO 65690; phone: 417-938-4519

Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $25
• Lifetime membership with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $365

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

MTA Secretary
Charlie Brown, 7130 Drury Lane, Maplewood, MO
63143; phone: 314-644-1364; e-mail: charliet1961@SBCGlobal.net



Hi guys,

We’re on the road again. District 9 is holding their annual banquet. We should be there in an hour or so. I’m sure we’ll have a great time. I’d like to thank Kenny Wells and his crew for doing the banquet again this year. It takes a lot of work and effort to do a banquet.

I’d like to back up a little bit to our auctions. I don’t know whether this was the most fur we’ve sold at our auctions, but I’m proud that we sold over 20,000 coons between both auctions at respectable prices. Thanks go to Jim Weberry and his crew and the auction committee for managing the auctions. I saw lots of different people carrying fur and helping guys sort and grade their fur.

I appreciate all the help everyone put in to help make our auctions one of the most successful state auctions in this part of the country. I think the reason we have such good auctions is because of the high quality fur handling we have. And really that’s only the beginning. We have so many guys who are willing to drive and to teach fur handling and share their ideas to help produce high quality fur products. I feel like the biggest asset to our auctions is the quality of fur we produce. That only comes from you guys who are willing to share your craftsmanship.

I don’t know whether this magazine will come out before our Spring Meeting, March 19th. District 1 is the host. The meeting is in Lancaster. We have several things to discuss. Everything from the NTA Convention in August to nominations and elections of our officers. The general meeting will be in the afternoon. We appreciate your attendance.

There are several District meetings in March and April. Try to get to your district meetings.

That’s about all I have for now. Hope to see you along the way.

— Doreen Miller


Hello everyone,

Well spring is just around the corner and I’m sure ready for it. With mushrooms popping, turkeys gobbling and the crappie biting. Yup, I think spring is here, well almost!

Folks remember this is election year and you can nominate the people you would like to see holding these offices in our Assoc. You can do this at the Spring Meeting in March or by writing to our nomination and elections chairman.

Well that is all for now. Hope to see you all at the Spring Meeting.

God Bless.

— Paul Webb


This has been a busy year for the association. This summer will be even bigger and busier.

We have the NTA convention in Columbia at the Boone County Fairgrounds from August 4-7. The MTA Fall Rendezvous will be at the Litton/Jenkins Center in Chillicothe September 15, 16, 17. We will have a full summer and we will need help.

The fur sales were good. I was impressed that Parker Dozier gave us credit in the March issue for the size of the sale. Jim Weberry has done an excellent job as have our past chairmen, of the sale. I did booths at the Chillicothe Outdoor Show and the Missouri Deer Classic in Columbia. With the help of Terry Thorne, Robert Ruehlow and Roy Akerson, we signed up 12 new members at the Chillicothe show. John Haslag and I signed up 10 more at the Deer Classic. I have lots of publications if you need any for a program. Just give me a call.

I am in the process of developing a display for each district. We have fur being tanned for each display. I hope to give a short program at the summer meeting to help train each district on how to put on an effective display at outdoor shows.

Have a safe summer. If you have never worked an MTA or state convention, now is the time to get involved. WE NEED HELP.

— Karl Rice, Public Relations Chairman


District 6 will be holding a unique event this summer- we will be hosting a Rendezvous at Lake of the Ozarks on the Little Niangua River. The tentative dates are August 26, 27. and 28 and we should have enough details in place to make a more formal announcement at the Spring meeting. Since District 6 had to bust their butts last September at the MTA Rendezvous, we will expect nothing out of ya’ll at this event- just show up and have a good time. This will be a VERY laid back event- some games for any kids that show up, maybe some fishin’ (float trips are available on the River), maybe a few demos and stuff like that.

Let me know if you can think of anything you’d like to see. We’ll have a carry-in dinner Friday evening; most of the other meals seem to take care of themselves at these happenings. However, we will be doing another fish dinner Saturday evening as a fundraiser for the District that will be open to the public. In fact, we’ll be advertising this event to the public anyway. Stay tuned for details.

Our District Spring meeting will be held in Bolivar on April 2nd at the fairgrounds. We’ll begin at 9 am with an informal meet & greet, followed by out meeting at 10. Lunch will be a covered-dish affair- call me if you’re not sure what to bring. After lunch we’ll maybe do some demo/fur work. Again, any ideas on what you want to do, just let me know. I’d sure like to see some MTA members from the western part of the state attend!

District 6 will be in charge of the kids’ games at the Nationals in Columbia next August. Please make plans to help us out.

By the time you read this the annual Spring meeting will be history. As always there will be a lot to discuss, but I think this will be a little “less tense” meeting than in year’s past. Lots of good things are happening-hopefully the “election year” issues we’ve had in the past will not arise. Hank Wendt has done a fine job in streamlining the process. Fingers are crossed.

I’m in the fur shed every day and should be done with my sellable fur in a week or so, then it will be on to the taxidermy stuff. The pain is hard to take, but I just take a few more breaks than I used to (okay, LOTS more breaks than I used to). Also, my stroke has left me with a lack of “feeling” in my right hand that has resulted in a few more mistakes than I’d like to make. An agreement between my fleshing knife and right hand is in the works, but right now I’m just plodding on. It’s hard to take, this having to re-learn everything I’ve taken for granted for years but like I said, I just keep plugging away at it.

‘Till next time, take care.

— Dale Verts, 573-789-5690, ozarktrapper@yahoo.com


Here are the February 12th fur auction results.


BEAVER-DRY — 275, $3690.50, $13.42, $1.00, $23.00
BEAVER-WET — 70, $494.00, $7.06, $2.00, $16.00
BOBCAT — 99, $4618.00, $46.65, $0.00, $125.00
CASTOR — 8#, $292.00, $36.50, $36.50, $36.50
COYOTE — 291, $3187.25, $10.95, $0.25, $22.50
GRAY FOX — 25, $432.00, $17.28, $13.00, $20.00
RED FOX — 56, $948.00, $16.93, $0.00, $32.50
MINK-MALE — 54, $810.00, $15.00, $2.00, $19.00
MINK-FEMALE — 12, $83.00, $6.92, $5.00, $10.00
MUSKRAT — 1217, $7449.25, $6.12, $0.50, $9.25
OPPOSSUM — 594, $900.25, $1.52, $0.25, $2.75
OTTER-DRY — 92, $4218.50, $45.85, $20.00, $60.00
OTTER-WET — 91, $3907.50, $42.94, $19.00, $57.50
RACCOON-DRY — 6033, $80735.50, $13.38, $0.00 $31.25
RACCOON-WET — 2006, $15664.00, $7.81, $0.25, $20.50
SKUNK — 28, $42.50, $1.52, $0.25, $3.00

January 28, 2011 Fur Auction Results:


BEAVER-DRY — 329, $3,748.75, $11.39, $0.50, $24.00
BEAVER- GREEN — 28, $221.00, $7.89, $4.50, $9.50
BOBCAT — 101, $4,421.00, $43.77, $0.25, $85.50
COYOTE — 150, $1,669.00, $11.13, $1.00, $65.00
GRAY FOX — 30, $562.50, $18.75, $13.00, $25.00
MINK-FEMALE — 11, $82.50, $7.50, $2.50, $11.00
MINK-MALE — 79, $1,055.75, $13.36, $2.00, $19.50
MUSKRAT — 2239, $14,076.25, $6.29, $0.50, $10.00
OPOSSUM — 761, $1,420.65, $1.87, $0.25, $3.75
OTTER-DRY — 15, $729.00, $48.60, $37.00, $56.00
OTTER-GREEN — 194, $9,602.50, $49.50, $23.00, $61.00
RACCOON-DRY — 9621, $131,113.75, $13.63, $0.00, $31.00
RACCOON-GREEN — 2489, $22,566.25, $9.07, $0.50, $25.50
RED FOX — 72, $1,197.00, $16.62, $2.00, $37.50
SKUNK — 38, $84.50, $2.22, $1.00, $4.00

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