Montana Traps Announces Changes

Rumors have been spreading regarding the future of Montana Traps. The company, which was a partnership between John Graham, of Fur Country Lures and Amberg Snares, and Gerald Schmitt, of Schmitt Enterprises, is in fact going through some changes.

Graham went on the TrapperMan forums to address the situation today:

To set the record straight, the partnership Montana Trap Co. (between Gerald Schmitt and John Graham) IS being dissolved.

I am continuing the production of traps with the SAME importer, the
SAME traps, everything. We are doing business as MONTANA TRAPS. We will,
however, discontinue the 1 1/2 Longliner. We will continue on with the
#3 Special (dogless), the #2 R.J., the 1 1/2 special, and the #5
dogless coil. We’ve also plan on releasing some 330 body grippers. We
plan on supplying the same dealers, and of course, they can be ordered

The June-July 2011 issue of Trapper & Predator Caller features a Montana Traps ad on Page 17. Contact Montana Traps at 406-557-6167.

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