Mountain Lion Attacks Man in Arizona

It sure seems like there have been a lot of predator attacks on humans in the last handful of months and we’ve got one more to add to the list.

A man in Arizona was attacked by a mountain lion on Sunday (found via Predator Wild).

Here are the details from the story:

The suspected attack occurred near the Snow Drift Mine area. Andy
Bell says he was outside his home just after dark Sunday when he heard
some rustling in the bushes. His flashlight revealed what he believed
to be a mountain lion about eight feet away.

Bell says he ran for his home, but was pounced on from behind near his truck. He believes the mountain lion hit its head on the trailer hitch and fled as Bell rolled under the vehicle.

The 30-year-old Bell was treated by a doctor for a shoulder scratch that he says came from one of the lion’s claws.

Authorities tried to track the mountain lion, but have given up on the search.

A word of advice to those who might find themselves in a similar situation: Do not run from a mountain lion or other predator. Running can stimulate a predator’s instinct to chase. Walk backwards slowly, keep eye contact with the predator and try to look as large as possible.

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