Mountain Lions Killing Wolves in Montana

In an unusual uptick in predator-versus-predator conflicts in a small part of Montana, it appears mountain lions have the edge over wolves.

Two radio-collared wolves have been killed by mountain lions in the Bitterroot, Montana area since January. Two additional wolves that Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks found last year are also believed to have been killed by cougars.

“They compete for the same resource,” MFWP wolf biologist Liz Bradley told the Billings Gazette. “When there is overlap in areas where you have lots of prey, conflicts occur.”

The MFWP was able to determine the wolf deaths as mountain lion kills due to large puncture wounds to the skulls of the wolves.

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4 thoughts on “Mountain Lions Killing Wolves in Montana

  1. Actually some of the research I seen showed wolves were catching lions on the ground and killing them. Each situation is different. Can adult wolves kill juvenile lions and can adult lions kill juvenile wolves. Sure

  2. There are probably several plausible arguments. Its said the general public doesnt appreciate nature on intimate level and therefore could appreciate how important wildlife managers are managing our most precious resource.

  3. After having run a trapline for many years in northwest Montana I can tell you for sure that Lions dont think twice about killing coyotes I have seen them ripped apart and scattered about like so much garbage,I would bet that a lion can kill a wolf just as quick you have to remember they have way better weapons to fight with Dogs are just dogs to them.

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