“Mountain Men” Debuts Tonight on History Channel

Trapping will hit the limelight when the show “Mountain Men” debuts tonight on the History Channel. While the reality program will not focus solely on traplines, it appears trapping could be a big part of the show that features three men living and surviving in the wild.

The show will air at 9 p.m. Central on the History Channel.

The History Channel says “these Mountain Men are the last of their kind”:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live your life off the grid? Have you wished you could shed the complications of modern society and live in the wilderness, using only the things nature has provided? Meet Eustace Conway, Tom Oar and Marty Meierotto of the new History series “Mountain Men,” three men who have devoted their lives to survival in its simplest form. But how simple is it really?

From the rugged Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to the seven-month-long winters on the Yaak River in Montana to the frigid northern range of Alaska, the country is full of some very unforgiving terrain. Watch as these men face off against mudslides, falling trees, ravaging weather and even hungry animals, to make sure they obtain the food and supplies they will need to make it through the brutal winter months ahead.

The History Channel has released a series of promotional videos on the show:


If you’re able to check out the show tonight, let us know what you think. Will this show be a positive for the trapping community?

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4 thoughts on ““Mountain Men” Debuts Tonight on History Channel

  1. I’m sorry but this whole show is a joke ! I do give kudo’s to the fella from WNC for utilizing what he has , But , The land on which he lives was purchased my his wealthy mother, Is closer to town than the “wilderness ” and alot of what he does is indeed mechanized, Some of the antics are just rediculous such as deciding where you’ll hunt deer by the lay of a tree ?? Please !!
    Your Montana fella isn’t any better, Electric fences ?? Insulated glass doors Wilderness ?? Duh !!!!
    The only one you should be focusing on is the Alaskan bush pilot, You want wilderness ? By God that is Wilderness survival at its apex, Next week I’ll watch MSNBC or something else entertaining instead of risking whiplash caused by shaking my head in disbelief.

  2. I mirro the comments above.
    Guy in North Carolina is a throw back to by-gone days but MT. Man NOT!!!!
    Guy in Montana lives in a cool spot at best but when did mountain men drive pick-ups?
    The guy in Alaska, mt. man with an airplane and snow-mobiles not what I thought it was going to be but,this guy comes the closest to the real deal and he is geared toward TRAPPING and that is why I watch this show.
    If you guys want a mountain man come to basin,wyoming as there is a real mountain man there,he makes real indian artfacts,tents,tans his own hides and lived in a tent in the bighorns for five years till the forrest service told him it wasn’t allowed!!!! Go figure.
    Trapping you want ,go to bowsite.com in the winter months and follow babine and thier trap line in the canadaian bush now that is cool stuff-they use modern equipment to trap with but it is way cool.

  3. are u kidding lollll,its dumb,show a real man ,no power,no running water,no snow mobiles,come on people,its a joke to call these back yard guys mountain men

  4. and why the hell does Tom not build a damn fence?!?! They keep lettin their dog run loose with wolf and bear tracks all over the place…can you say Mountain Morons…

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