Mountain Men Star’s Nature School Shut Down By County Officials

Eustace Conway Mountain MenCounty officials have informed Eustace Conway, one of the star’s of History Channel’s Mountain Men reality television show, that he has to close his nature school. Officials from Watauga County, N.C., issued Conway a cease and desist order after determining the buildings on the property were not up to code and that they posed a risk to public safety.

“Basically, I’m living like the American heritage pattern of all of our ancestors and the modern world isn’t,” Conway told Fox 8 WGHP-TV. “And they don’t know how to accept me.”

Here is the full Fox 8 report:


Conway, who purchased a large chunk of land outside of Boone, N.C., about 26 years ago and set up a school to teach people how to live closer to nature, is upset about the recent developments.

“This is supposed to be the land of the free,” Conway said in the Fox 8 report. “Government is supposed to help people protect their individual liberties and freedom. That’s not what’s happening here. So, I’m thinking, ‘My gosh, this is the country that I pledge allegiance to every day?’”

Conway doesn’t think it will be possible to meet the county’s demands.

“I’m not confident I can win,” Conway said. “I’m confident I ought to win it. I’m confident it shouldn’t be happening. But at this point, basically, what the government told me today is, ‘You can’t operate.’”

Mountain Men premiered last May on the History Channel. It featured three mountain men as they trapped, hunted and lived in the backwoods. The other two featured mountain men were Marty Meierotto, of Alaska, and Tom Oar, of Montana.

The History Channel has not announced when the second season of Mountain Men will premiere, but they recently began promoting a new season. Trapper & Predator Caller will release details on the new season when they become available.

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10 thoughts on “Mountain Men Star’s Nature School Shut Down By County Officials

  1. Next they will be going to our state and national camp grounds saying your tent is not up to code? What has happened to the pursuit of happiness? You have homeless people living in boxes and they want to bother someone, trying to teach you how to survive after the collapse, and it will collapse. The same aholes that shut him down will be the first to ask for help, when the time comes!

  2. This is total bullshit !!! The damn government has ALWAYS got to stick their noses into everywhere they can to screw with peoples lives. No doubt it’s some needle-dick in the city or county that came up with the lame “REASON” for condemning this operation. And if the truth be known, I would wager a bet that ultimately they probably want to kick him off his land so they can rezone it and put up a damn mini mall in its place. That’s the way these “OFFICIAL” ass holes think. From the bone head in the oval office all the way down to theses low lifed idiots that are screwing with this man. If it was above board, that lard ass that he met with at the county would have let in the cameras. They’re a bunch of crooked bastards and that’s all there is to it. They need to learn to leave people alone. Vigilantees anyone???!

  3. I just got fined by the City of Chicago $1,000 for having native plants over 9 inches. Overregulation to collect fines for innocuous cultural actions is cruel and unjust punishment as per the Constitution. Chicago just fined a person for having rats in the City alley behind his house. Chicagoans pay taxes to have the rats in alleys dealt with. How do they get away with it? They politicians own the court system.

  4. Looks like anothe instance of our rights being taken away by politicians.
    The don’t remember that this country was founded and a war with England was fought, because of the same things that these politicans and others across this nation are doing. Just this week in Colorado, because of bills passed in the Senate, Magpul announced that they were leaving the state and looking for a new home for their plants and jobs. They are welcome in Arkansas, come on down, we already have two top notch companies here.

  5. Well, you can’t have impressionable folks learning self-reliance and early American history , now can you?
    Them county gov’t folks were just doing their part to keep the sheeple from thinking ungood thoughts…

  6. We LOVE the Mountain Men. Sick what the authorities are doing to Eustace. Just goes to show how the damn is itching to get their 2 cents in on this great program. There are so many other things the govt. needs to take care of but they love picking on people that don’t have the money to fight back. We need more film on Tom, Marty and Eustace. Hopefully some lawyer will find out about Eustace’s situation and help him out. I’ve searched for a place to notify the History Channel of my feeling about the show but I can’t find an address !!

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