Muskrat Bites Miniature Dachshund

A tangle with a muskrat nearly cost Nathan, a miniature dachshund, his life. The dog, who is owned by Robert and Michele Bashore, of Pittsburgh, suffered a severe bite wound close to the jugular from the encounter with the ‘rat.

A news release from Veterinary Pet Insurance, Co. provides more details:

“Around 11 p.m., my wife opened the back door to let the dogs out. As soon as she opened it, all four of our dachshunds went tearing outside, and they were all barking,” said Robert. “She quickly followed them to the corner of the yard and realized they were attacking a muskrat. Luckily, she was able to pull the dogs off and get them back in the house. When she got back inside, she saw Nathan lying on the carpet with a pool of blood collecting around him.”

Nathan had suffered a significant puncture wound on his neck, which caused him to bleed profusely. Fearful for Nathan’s survival, his owner applied pressure to the wound and rushed him to the nearest emergency animal hospital. According to Robert, the attending veterinarian didn’t think the miniature dachshund would make it. Fortunately, a surgeon on staff was able to operate on the injured vein to prevent further bleeding. Though Nathan was brought to the hospital in critical condition, the Bashores are happy to report that he has since made a full recovery.

Nathan has made a full recovery since the attack.

The incident earned Nathan and his owners the “Most Unusual Claim of the Month” honor from VPI.

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