NAFA Reports Growth in Fur Offerings

The Wild Fur Newsletter released by North American Fur Auctions today included an interesting chart. The chart, which I included below, shows significant increases in quantity for nearly every species offered at NAFA auctions over the last three years.

This year, a strong market certainly helped, but the market was down in 2010 and 2011. Apparently that did little to slow trappers down.

Did you trap as hard during the down fur market? Will you trap more next year now that the market has bounced back?

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One thought on “NAFA Reports Growth in Fur Offerings

  1. There is no comment on carry-over of pelts from the 2012 season to the 2013 auctions, making me think these numbers may not be all that accurate. But they do point to a growing number of pelts taken and a growing value of our harvests and that is a good thing for our industry.

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