NAFA Sale Clearances High, Fur Prices Down


While clearances remained high, prices at the North American Fur Auctions sale held last week were lower for most species than they were at the record-breaking NAFA sale held in February. This reflects an expected trend that Trapper & Predator Caller fur market expert Serge Lariviere discussed in his latest Fur Market Report. Despite the decline in prices, however, averages continue to compare very favorably to prices from recent years.

“In general we are very pleased with the results of our May sale, which continues to illustrate that NAFA’s worldwide promotion of wild fur is paying off for our wild fur producers,” a NAFA news release stated. “The millions of dollars that we have invested are showing up in the auction room.”

The full auction results are below. Some of the sales percentages and averages will change as a result of Private Treaty sales after the auction.

NAFA_2013-06-01-WF-E-1 NAFA_2013-06-03-WF-E NAFA_2013-06-01-WF-E-2



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