Nebraska Fur Harvesters December 2012 Report

President — Don Miller, Box 15, Loup City, NE 68853-0015; 308-745-0572; cell 308-440-2951

Vice President — Adam Duryea, 80406 Victoria Springs Rd, Merna, NE 68856; 308-643-0430; cell: 308-643-9178

Secretary — Stephen Vantassel, 701 S. 55th St., Lincoln, NE 68510; 402-489-1042

Treasurer — Jason Reynoldson, 2142 State Highway 14, Albion, NE 68620-5033; 402-395-6805; Cell: 402-649-3832

Legislative Representative — George Wagner, 201 Main Ave., Winnetoon, NE 68789; 402-847-3398

Public Relations Director — Doug Eskew, 41521 Rd. 764 Gothenburg, NE 69138; 308-537-2919

NTA Delegate — Jason Reynoldson, 2142 State Highway 14, Albion, NE 68620-5033; 402-395-6805; cell: 402-649-3832

FTA Delegate — Roy Greenfield, 16535 145th Rd., Amherst, NE 68812; 308-826-5155

Website — Dave Hastings, 1805 O St., Ord, NE 68862; 308-728-7780


Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25

• Individual membership without publication — $10

• Junior (14 and under) membership with publication — $16


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

Trompke Bookkeeping and Business Services

PO Box 89, Loup City, NE 68853-0089



Hello Everyone

It doesn’t seem possible that it has been a month since the fall convention.

I’ve already ordered a couple of things I should have picked up at convention. I hope everyone is more prepared for the coming season than I am; it’s a good thing I think the 1st is too early to start.

By the time this article arrives the election will be over. Readers may want to check the Idaho Trapper Association News, they have an amendment on the ballot to protect the heritage of hunting, fishing and trapping. They attracted much opposition and we sent $500 to help. They mounted an aggressive education push to the public and other outdoor groups. We have a similar constitutional amendment but “trap” was substituted with taking by traditional methods. Anyway they started a newspaper style newsletter to inform members and others (they also had some other issues, some because of the new wolf season). I was supposed to receive some copies to put out at the convention, but they were in the post office when I returned after the convention. I mailed them out to the officers and directors; I thought it was rather impressive. If you are near one of these people you might ask them to pass it on to you.

As trapping season begins, please keep yourself safe and be thoughtful as to where you place sets and err on the side of caution, and remember Murphy’s Law.

Until next month. — Don Miller



My hat is off to Wynn Hall and family, the crew at Crete and everyone who contributed to this falls state convention. While not helping with this event I have worked on more state and national conventions than I can count. I realize the amount of time and miles driven when working on these events. On behalf of all attending we say each of you can stand tall!

On a more solemn note our association has lost an extremely dedicated member. Larry Sack was one of those behind the scene members who was always looking for a way to help someone. At conventions he was the first setting up tables, helping dealers unload or cleaning the grounds. When the event was over he would be one of the last to leave but only after the pack up, cleanup was finished.

Larry lost his wife Gail to cancer less than a handful of years ago. Both of them were extremely supportive of their high school sports teams. Their faces could be found at nearly all sporting events . It was common for them to stand at the locker room exit handing each player a Tootsie-Roll-Pop as they headed for the competition. This was dear to the players for as the memorial service started at Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church in North Platt on October 2nd, I witnessed one of the most thoughtful actions I have seem. At the beginning the football team entered wearing their jerseys,then the girls volleyball team wearing jerseys, boys basketball team, by the time it was finished every school sports team was seated by groups in uniform. The priest then explained the volleyball team was passing out Tootsie-Roll-Pops as a tribute to Larry and Gail.

I could go on for many paragraphs for Larry was an avid & expert trapper, hunter, fisherman, scuba diver. He was always ready to help out youth in each area.

I would like to express our sympathy to his brother Jerry and all the family.

May you rest in peace Larry! — Roy Greenfield

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