Nevada Trappers Association January 2015 Report

President — Joel Blakeslee (Sherri), 4905 Jackrabbit Rd, Reno, NV 89510; 775-742-1308

Vice President — John Sullivan; 702-493-8342;

Secretary/Treasurer — Wendy Nelson, 12701 Carson Hwy, Fallon, NV 89406; (775) 443-7867

Fur Manager — Jim Curran, 4170 St. Clair Rd., Fallon, NV 89406; 775-867-2239

Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $20

• Husband & wife with subscription — $22

• Junior (under 16) with subscription — $10

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

NTA, Secretary/Treasurer

Wendy Nelson

12701 Carson Hwy

Fallon, NV 89406


Hello Trappers,

Well the season is in full swing now. I have the makings of a good line out now with a lot of sign and potential. It is nice when the early aches and pains go away and the body adjusts to all of the hard work.

I always try to do a few things different every year. From setting in a new area to little things that make life easier. Or less smelly. This year I am wearing a light pair of rubber gloves when handling lure. Don’t think it makes a hill of beans of a difference to the cats and fox. But I like it a lot. My hands stay cleaner longer and everything I touch like the steering wheel on the truck and handle bars on the ATV don’t smell like a skunk or fish oil.

Another small thing am carrying a pair of dikes in a little holster on my belt. I use quick links to connect the trap chain to the tie down cable. And use the dikes to tighten the quick link just a tad so they won’t unscrew open when an animal is caught. Now the tool is always right there versus searching though my pockets or bucket. One other thing, it makes it harder to steal a trap. Most trap thieves aren’t running around with pliers or dikes.

Since we couldn’t trap for cats this year till Dec. 1, I couldn’t stand it so went up north and trapped for beaver. Haven’t set a Conibear in a very long time. Learned I am not as good at slogging through beaver flows in chest waders like I was when 30 years old. Also re-learned that beaver are really big and not much fun to skin, flesh and nail to a board. But had a ball overall. Nothing like the smell of aspen and willows in the high country in the fall.

On the political front, the Nov. 4 elections were an earthquake on a scale of about 7.0. Big nationally but even more so in Nevada. We had pro sportsmen candidates win at about every level from state offices to the assembly to the state senate to the U.S. House of Representatives. The Republican Party took control of the state senate which was thought to be merely a possibility. The Republicans also took control of the state assembly, which was not even thought to be possible just a few weeks ago. The rural part of the state went to the polls in large numbers which made a big difference in many cases.

The Republicans are not automatically pro trapping and hunting. Some Democrats have helped us a great deal in recent years. We welcome the support wherever we can get it. But overall, the changes made in this election were significant and positive on a case by case basis.

What this all means to trapping in Nevada remains to be played out. But if the recent past has any lessons to be learned, it is the state Wildlife Commission pays a great deal of attention to what is going on in the legislature and who is calling the shots. With a much more pro sportsmen type of representation in both bodies of the legislature, it bodes well for the next few years.

We have somewhat gotten used to being on the defense all the time and trying to block legislation and new regulations. Now we have an opportunity to reverse some of the losses of the last few years and to take the initiative on some things in order to ensure long term survival and stability.

On the subject of next NVTA event: this is a reminder of the fur sale which is coming up soon. Feb. 27,28, and 29 in Fallon at the Convention Center. If you want to sell fur, please call Jim Curran and make a reservation for one of those days. Hopefully we will have an up market but it is always a good opportunity to spend time with like minded souls and catch up on things.

And finally, much thanks to Jesse Lattin for running a very informative and interesting Facebook page for the NVTA. Check it out when you can. Jesse posts a lot of interesting things on a daily basis and is helping immensely in keeping everyone informed. — John Sullivan

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