Nevada Trappers Association June-July 2014 Report


President — Joel Blakeslee (Sherri), 4905 Jackrabbit Rd, Reno, NV 89510; 775-742-1308

Vice President — John Sullivan; 702-493-8342;

Secretary/Treasurer — Judi Curran, 4170 St. Clair Rd., Fallon, NV 89406; 775- 867-2239

Fur Manager — Jim Curran, 4170 St. Clair Rd., Fallon, NV 89406; 775-867-2239


Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $20

• Husband & wife with subscription — $22

• Junior (under 16) with subscription — $10


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

NTA, Secretary/Treasurer

Judi Curran

4170 St. Clair Rd.

Fallon, NV 89406



Hello Trappers,

Spring is here. One day it’s warm and the next it’s windy and cold. I usually try to get all of my traps and gear cleaned up and put into containers right after the season is over. Things get tossed around a bit during a busy season so I like to straighten it out and get organized when I get some breathing room. The truck as well. It gets pretty ragged and I almost don’t recognize it once it gets cleaned up nice. I still like to dye and wax every trap and down here in the S. part of the state it is a good idea to do that before the summer heat. So that is the next big chore for me. After that some smaller chores like making more pan covers or cleaning up and fixing stretchers are on the list.

A lot of cat stretchers are too wide at the neck. It is a simple manner of sawing off one inch of the inside edge of both legs to make it much better. Some years ago I started cutting insert boards out of really thin wood sheets that are tacked in place to fill in the gap between the hind legs. I probably have 30 to 40 now and need that many if I am lucky.

I tried one of those razor knives this year with the disposable blade and really liked it. I found they will re -sharpen many times before you have to toss the blade. I try to use a second duller knife when I get down to the head to let the razor knife last longer.

I don’t know anything more about the fur market than anyone else, but I did notice that the last big western fur sale was in Klamath Falls and fur prices seemed to be higher than earlier sales. I don’t know what that means except things seemed to end on a high note and good prices are better than the alternative. I have the impression that what happened this season was a combination of unusual things like the Chinese import crackdown and warm winters in the fur wearing countries. I tend to believe that we are still in a good place with the supply and demand for our type of fur and things will be better next year. Time will tell.

Summer is right around the corner and there are a couple of events to talk about. The NVTA will hold its annual board of directors meeting in June as usual. If you would like the NVTA to take up a particular issue concerning trapping, you should contact your county or regional director and ask him/her to put it on the agenda for discussion or possible action. On August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd we are having a rendezvous in White Pine County at the Ward Mtn Camground which is 10 miles West of Ely off of Highway 6. This is shaping up to be a great event for the family with lots of stuff being given away, lots of demos and activities, and great food. Contact Joe Bennett at 775-289-0417 for more info. And much thanks, Joe, for taking this on.

There will be a fifth annual Trapper Education Day this summer or fall as well. But the details are still being worked out so keep an eye on the website: as things may shape up pretty fast.

The politics rages on as always. The trapping committee of the wildlife commission was holding hearings this spring around the state. The burning issue is to keep visitation at 96 hours or change it to something else. There was a hearing in Elko March 7 and the next day in Reno. The turnout in Elko was massive and all but two lost souls there were pro trapping and those two were not from Elko. I have never been so proud to be associated with a group of people. Our folks were well spoken, polite, respectful, and they cared deeply about our outdoor heritage. Much thanks to Elko County Commissioner Grant Gerber, Livestock Association President Ron Torrel and Woolgrowers President Pete Paris for taking time from your busy days to support trapping

In Reno the trappers were just as eloquent but of course the antis showed up in force and we had to endure the usual misrepresentations by people who know nothing about trapping except that it must go.

The next and probably the final hearing on this subject will the state wildlife commission meeting scheduled for Friday June 20 and Saturday 21 in Tonopah. Some trappers are planning to camp out at Sportsman’s Park, 15 minutes N. of Tonopah on Hwy 376 that weekend to socialize a bit and attend the hearing as well.

I have no idea which way this current battle will go right now but I do know that we are in a relentless war that will never go away. A good word to describe the antis war on trappers as “Cultural Bigotry” and that phrase seems to fit perfectly.

Last but not least, if anyone wants me to post some news or say hi to a service man or woman who may get the magazine overseas, please let me know. I would be glad to put it in the newsletter for you.

Best. — John Sullivan


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