Nevada Trappers Association October 2014 Report


President — Joel Blakeslee (Sherri), 4905 Jackrabbit Rd, Reno, NV 89510; 775-742-1308

Vice President — John Sullivan; 702-493-8342;

Secretary/Treasurer — Judi Curran, 4170 St. Clair Rd., Fallon, NV 89406; 775- 867-2239

Fur Manager — Jim Curran, 4170 St. Clair Rd., Fallon, NV 89406; 775-867-2239


Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $20

• Husband & wife with subscription — $22

• Junior (under 16) with subscription — $10


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

NTA, Secretary/Treasurer

Judi Curran

4170 St. Clair Rd.

Fallon, NV 89406



Hello Trappers,

The rendezvous in White Pine County lived up to all expectations and then some. Joe Bennett is to be congratulated for organizing and running one of the biggest and best get -togethers ever held by trappers in this state. It was especially nice to see so many kids running around. I think I heard over 70 kids were present. Rachel Anderson took on running the kids’ events and kept them busy all day Saturday. Rachel’s husband, Kes, took on feeding everybody Saturday evening and that was a big job.

There were so many people who contributed to the success of this event, that I hate to try to name names because I am sure I will leave so many out. But I will mention a few.

Besides Joe, there was a large contingent of Wildlife Services’ trappers there on their days off who contributed a great deal. Jack Sengl’s demo on furbearer diseases was excellent and very important info. And Scott Little and Billy Tayor were awesome in manning the booth to sell raffle tickets and they sold a bundle. We are lucky in NV to have so many folks from Wild Services who are so supportive of the Nevada Trappers Association.

Another group that always contributes a lot are the folks from Lincoln County. I don’t know how many raffle tickets John Tibbets sold but it had to be several hundred.

The NDOW state furbearer bioligist, Russell Woolstenhulme, gave a great presentation on the state bobcat management program. He handed out this year’s summary reports on lower jaw data and then explained the different ratios (male to female, kitten to adult female, etc.) that bioligists analyze in assessing the health of this species. It is nice to know that this valuable furbearer is receiving such a level of scientific management. It surprised me when he said NDOW has bobcat harvest data that goes back over 100 years. That is a lot of data. And also how consistent the harvest has been for much of the time.

Speaking of bobcats, most of us know that the season will be a shorter one this year and next. Dec. 1 through Feb. 21, 2015. Also visitation requirements will change in some areas near Reno and Las Vegas, from 96 hours to every other day. So please check the regulations carefully this year and keep an eye out for these changes.

On the political front, we are holding our own. But it sure is frustrating witnessing the extent the legislature and in turn the Wildlife Commission will go to try to appease one very small but very noisy special interest group which his trying to ban hunting and trapping in NV. Despite turnout in support of trapping that runs about five to one in favor of not making changes to trapping regulations, and universal support from the county game boards, the wildlife commission always seems to feel compelled to do something. Which only sets the table at the next go around to “do something” again and again. Eventually some people will realize that trying to appease the unappeasable is a waste of everyone’s time and energy (and sportsman’s money). But in the meantime, trappers have no choice but to show up at every single meeting to defend ourselves.

On the bright side, OUR time of the year is nearly at hand. And I am going to enjoy every single minute spent out of doors running traplines and just being out there. I have done a little scouting and the desert looks green and healthy. Rabbit numbers seem to be up in places and that is always a good sign.

Take care. — John Sullivan


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