New Jersey Fur Harvesters February 2013 Report

President — Ron Diehl, 852 Berkeley Avenue, Beachwood, NJ 08722; e-mail

Vice President — Dan Wolff, 48 Uncle Petes Road, Hamilton, NJ 08691; e-mail

Secretary — Andy Janson, 37 West Laurel Drive, Somers Point, NJ 08244; e-mail

Treasurer — Curt Haberman, PO Box 212, Somers Point NJ, 08244; 609-927-5773;

Membership Officer — Curt Haberman, PO Box 212, Somers Point NJ, 08244; 609-927-5773;

NTA Director — Fred Stine, 149 Winding Brook Ln., Califon, NJ 07830; 908-832-6998


Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to T&PC — $26

• Family membership with subscription to T&PC — $31.00

• Junior membership with subscription to T&PC — $19.00

• Senior membership with subscription to T&PC — $19.00


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

NJFH, Membership Officer

Curt Haberman, PO Box 212, Somers Point NJ, 08244



Hi everyone, I hope the holiday season was good to you this year. By the time you read this, we should be about half way threw our season and your catch should be getting big…lol. Just a few reminders that we will be having our spring meeting and fur collection sat March 23rd. at 10am it will be in the same place as last year. Eldridge rd. Assunpink WMA. 10am till 12 we will be collecting fur, then lunch and meeting. We will be supplying lunch, but if you would like to bring something for others to try you are more than welcome. We will be sending a reminder news letter and keep an eye on the web site and face book page. If you would like to sell your pelts at an auction instead of shipping to NAFA, you could also go to the NJTA fur sale Mar 23 &24 at space farms Sparta NJ.

This was another big year for the Beaver and Otter lottery, their were over 375 applicants and only 200 permits to go around. I have received a lot of complaints about people who never get a permit and people who get more than one. Right now if you are awarded a permit threw lottery and then go to over the counter sales to buy unclaimed permits you can get another. (OTC sales are first come first served) But talking with the NJTA and majority of trappers, they would like to see that if you get a permit threw lottery you are done and that other trappers who didn’t draw have the opportunity to get a permit (OTC). It will still be first come first served, but for applicants who didn’t draw the first time.

On a brighter note for beaver trappers. We are working with the New Jersey State Federation of Sportsman Clubs, to have legislation drawn up to have the beaver be governed by the Fish and Game council instead of by legislation and politics.

If you find your self on the line needing help or have questions, don’t hesitate to call one of the officers for help.

The other major thing we need to talk about is the posting of pictures on the web…. I know that I like to document our trap line. But we really need to be careful what kind of pictures we put up on talk forums or our face book pages ect… PLEASE try to use judgment when posting. Try to think of the person who doesn’t trap and how they look at trapping. I know that lots of people would say screw them, it’s my sport, I don’t care what they think, true. But we need to protect our selves. Use pictures like coons sleeping in sets, fox and coyotes relaxed in sets and not choked down or hanging in fences. It would be better for us in the long run. Just keep the other pictures in your personal files and not posted for everyone to see, Thanks.

The other thing, please call in your coyote, otter, fisher, and bobcat sightings to the division and encourage others to do the same. So many people in gun clubs around the state encounter these animals but don’t call in the sightings. If we are to get any of the seasons changed we need numbers so the fish and game council can do their thing to help us.

Well that’s all for now, keep an eye on the web site and the face book page for up dates on things. Take a kid or friend trapping with you and be safe. — Ron



Hello everyone,

It seems like these months are weeks and I am typing a report again. I hope everyone is having a good trapping season. Things are looking good from where I stand. There seems to be plenty of muskrats around and a good amount of raccoons too. NJFH is having the spring meeting and fur drop at Assunpink WMA same place as last year. We will set-up in the parking lot around 10 (maybe a little earlier to start checking in furs. We will have our spring meeting beginning at noon. We always have sandwiches and coffee and doughnuts for all. We will be electing officers and going over club business and telling stories too so come on out and support NJFH. Well that is all for now I am going out to make a few sets. Good Luck to all, be safe and God Bless. — Andy Janson

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