New Jersey Trappers Association January 2015 Report

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Vice President — Rick Moore, Ewing, NJ; 609-882-5848

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Field & Ed — Jay Staudt, Stockton, NJ; 609-773-0470

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• Lifetime membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $325

• Senior lifetime with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $175

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Well it has been several months since I had a chance to putout a column. A lot has happened in that time. Several bills, both good and bad for trappers, have been introduced. At this time it does not look like any of them will move before the New Year. But they will be back next year. One thing about the bills against trapping that bothered me was how some hunting groups had no trouble supporting them. I guess they did not think how the hundreds of extra fox and raccoons would affect the rabbit and bird populations. They forgot what happened when the foothold trap was banned. How the raccoon, fox, and coyote population exploded, followed by a crash in rabbits and pheasants. Never mind rabies, which moved across N J faster than any other state. Even today we can still see that some species never recovered. Also without the foothold trap the coyote spread into every county in the state. The old saying , those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, still holds true.

Our convention seemed to go quite well. The weather was good, the dealers did well, and the new food vendor did a pretty good job. At least we did not run out of food and have to give people their money back due to empty trays.

It is a little surprising to see how many trappers are out this year. I thought the low prices would be reflected by fewer trappers in the fields. I was wrong, I am glad to say. It seems most trappers are out there because they enjoy the challenge, not just the money. Only time will tell how the market will turn out by the end of the season.

Remember we meet every month at the Fish & Game office in Clinton every month. The meetings are open to all trappers. Just call any officer to get the date. Our website,,, has the phone numbers. Or call me at 973-697-2981.

Alright that is enough for today. Remember, be safe, have fun, and take a kid with you. They are our future. — Jim

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