National Predator Hunters Association Launches

National Predator Hunters Association
Predator is growing quickly, and the new group plans to safeguard the sport as it expands.

For years, as the number of predator callers has increased exponentially across the country, many predator hunters have wondered why there wasn’t a national organization representing them and their sport. With the Sept. 1 launch of the National Predator Hunters Association, that gap has been filled.

“The time is right for predator hunters to form an organization like the NPHA for the preservation of predator hunting in the 21st century,” said Jeremy Botranger, NPHA treasurer. “The duck hunters have Ducks Unlimited, the elk hunters have the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the turkey hunters have the National Wild Turkey Foundation. Why not a national organization for predator hunters? It’s simply been a matter of time for something like this to evolve, and I feel very privileged to be a part of it.”

NPHA organizers recognized the need for a national predator hunting organization three years ago when they began putting together plans to form the group. It is the goal of the NPHA to help bring predator hunters together to help foster the growth of the sport.

“There’s no question the sport is growing rapidly. Is it growing healthier and stronger, or just bigger?” NPHA President Jason R. Bruce asked. “That’s the question you have to ask yourself when you think long term.”

He said the NPHA aims to promote camaraderie amongst sportsmen throughout the United States in an effort to sustain the hobby and its resources. The NPHA has organized events and affiliated with several hunting, calling, shooting and educational gatherings scheduled throughout the 2009-2010 season.

“The foundation of this organization could be summed up with one word — camaraderie,” Bruce said. “I believe we become better hunters, friends and representatives of the sport in general when we’re able to sit down at a campfire or a dinner table together once in a while. The NPHA hunts, calling contests and online forums will all drive a little camaraderie and fellowship into an otherwise dispersed community. I believe this will make our sport more viable in a world where so many groups are looking to infringe or otherwise destroy our rights and privileges as predator hunters.”

The National Predator Hunters Association was developed by a cross section of officers and governing members. The staff represents former founders and leaders of calling, trapping and hunting organizations coupled with the developers of popular predator hunting Web sites and public events.

From skinning lessons to calling tips, NPHA organizers hope to offer an unbiased and credible source of information to beginners and veterans alike. They strive to advocate the pursuit of predators by keeping members abreast of pending changes to regulations while sponsoring increased opportunity for all sportsmen.

NPHA annual memberships start at $25. The organization is currently seeking hunters, callers and volunteers of all kinds.

For more information, call 1-877-633-4695 or visit

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