New York State Trappers Association June-July 2010 Report

President — John Rockwood, 114 County Route 30A, Williamstown, NY 13493; phone: 315-415-4946;e-mail:

Vice President — Wayne Jones, 9152 River Road, Marcy, NY 13403; phone: 315-768-8115; e-mail:

Treasurer — Dale Gamba, 12320 Pople Rd., Cato, NY 13033; phone: 315-626-3710; e-mail:

Secretary — Ed Hogan, 1900 SR 48, Fulton, NY 13069; phone: 315-593-2196

Legislative Liaison — Dave Miller, 11311 gay Road, Prattsburg, NY 14873; phone: 607-522-4707

NTA Director — Jim Carmody, 237 Fonda Rd., Waterford, NY 12188; phone: 518-237-3071

FTA Delegate — Ray Van Hoesen, 41 Apple Ring Road, Red Hook, NY 12571; phone: 845-758-2453

JTI Chairman — Al West, 5 Hillcrest Ave., Queensbury, NY 12804; phone: 518-793-3662;

Membership Options:
• Junior Membership – under 16 years of age with subscription to the Trapper & Predator Caller and quarterly NYSTA Newsletter — $15/yr
• Basic Membership – any age, NYSTA Newsletter, no subscription to T&PC — $15/yr
• General Membership – any age with subscription to the T&PC and quarterly NYSTA Newsletter — $25/yr
• Family Membership – One magazine subscription to T&PC and the NYSTA Newsletter — $30/yr
• Lifetime Membership – any age with lifetime subscription to T&PC, NYSTA Newsletter, special membership credentials and placque, etc. ­— $750

Complete membership application on first page of
association section and send dues to:
NYSTA, Secretary/Treasurer
Dale Gamba
12320 Pople Rd., Cato, NY 13033

Greetings Fellow Trappers,
The trapping seasons are now over and the convention season is about to begin. Warmer weather came early here in the north country this spring. There wasn’t much rain and not a lot of snow to melt off so the spring muskrat and beaver trapping was short and sweet.

After all of last summer’s predictions of gloom and doom in regards to wild fur prices I think we fared well, especially with muskrats. I still have a month or so of work in the fur shed to get beavers finished up. Then it will be time to get traps ready for next season which is only six months away! There’s always something to do and the time goes by too quickly.

NYSTA’s second annual Spring Membership Conference was well attended. This year it was held at the SUNY Morrisville Campus in Central New York on April 24th. Our Executive Director, Dave Miller, again had an exceptional line up of guest speakers. New York State Senator David Valesky started things off.

David is a very strong supporter of trappers, hunters, and fisherman. He is an important and steadfast ally for us in the New York State Senate. Next was Patty Rexinger, Director of Fish, Wildlife, and Marine Resources at the NYSDEC. Patty spoke to us about how the budget cuts were affecting DEC programs and personnel. She also spoke about the proposed trapping regulations changes for this upcoming season that are listed for comment on the NYS Register.

Nathan Roberts was our next guest speaker. Nathan has been attending Cornell University where he has been working in conjunction with the NYSDEC doing intense research on furbearers. Most of Nathan’s research has revolved around fisher, otters, and bobcats.

His research findings will be very valuable to our furbearer biologists at the DEC. Lunch was provided at the campus cafeteria following which Russ Carmen, well known and respected trapper, lure maker, author, and trappers advocate spoke to us about his experiences with animal rights extremists. Russ was followed by Kurt Beauregard, trapper and innovative manufacturer of KB traps, stabilizers, etc.

Kurt provided an inside look at how difficult and expensive it is to develop, copyright, and manufacture a new product. After Kurt spoke we opened an informal members meeting for anyone who wished to speak. Most of the discussions centered around the proposed trapping regulations changes. The program was concluded with some great old movies shown by NYSTA member Joe VanHouten.

These movies were from back in the early 1960’s and had been copied from old film to VHS. There was no sound so Joe did the honors of “narrating”. He did a great job of telling us who some of the people were in the films and what was going on. These films included segments from long ago NYSTA conventions at Piseco Lake, NY depicting the likes of E.J. Dailey, Johnny Thorpe, Pat Sedlak, and many others.

There was trapline footage from Johnny Thorpe and of O.L. and Alice Butcher. Joe said that one of these films contained the only film in existence that he knows of showing old time great fox trapper Art Crane. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed these movies. I sincerely thank all of the guest speakers, the attendees, and Dave Miller for making this event such an informative and entertaining success.

Next year we hope to host this event somewhere in the Albany area and I’m sure thise will be another program you won’t want to miss. As most probably know, we are in the final days of our ability to provide input, via our comments, to Gordon Batcheller at the NYSDEC in regards to the many proposed trapping regulations changes posted on the New York State Register.

The comment period ends on May 10. 2010. I believe most trappers overall will agree this is a package of positive changes. NYSTA and many of our members feel that only a few small changes are necessary to enable us to view all these proposed changes as entirely positive for trappers. Our official comments have been drafted and sent to Gordon.

Many of us have provided our personal comments as well. I would like to see a large showing of trapper comments weighing in on these proposed changes. It is just as important that we provide positive comment on positive issues as it is when things are negative towards trapping.

NYSTA’s JTI Committee has worked closely with the NYSDEC’s Furbearer Management Team for almost three years on this package. These things don’t happen quickly but are well worth the wait and all the time devoted to bring these proposals from ideas to implemented regulations.

The evening of April 24th, following NYSTA’s Spring Conference, the New York State Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame held it’s annual recognition dinner for new inductees to the NY Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame. Bob Hughes and Al West, two of our own, were honored and inducted at that prestigious event. Congratulations Al and Bob for your well deserved recognition and induction to the Hall of Fame. Thank you both for all you’ve done across so many, many years of promoting all outdoor sports and especially for your dedication to NYSTA and the trappers of New York.

These two gentlemen certainly deserved this recognition. At the time of this writing the Northeast NTA Regional Convention is only three weeks away. Our NTA Director, Jim Carmody, has a full slate of top notch demos scheduled and the dealer buildings are filled up. Vice President Wayne Jones is asking that anyone who can lend a hand in helping work this convention in any way please contact him via phone, e-mail, or catch him at the fairgrounds. We need your help! There’s no doubt this is going to be a great convention and I hope to see many of you there at the Washington County Fairgrounds, Greenwich, NY on May 21 – 23, 2010.

Our next NYSTA Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for July 17th at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds office in Frankfort, NY. Hopefully we will know the status of the proposed regulations package by then. Regional Directors positions for Regions 5, 6, and 7 are up for election this year. There will be a notice in the next “Traplines” newsletter regarding these elections. NYSTA still needs good people to fill some County Representative positions. If you have any interest in getting more involved with the NYSTA, please let your Regional Director or other officers know.

May all of you enjoy a safe and productive summer.
Yours for trapping. — John Rockwood

Before our March meeting started we handed out, to the various members present, the order forms for taking ads for our Sportsman Show programs. Selling advertising space is what helps pay for the programs to our show. Also, David Allen demonstrated the coon boxes he builds for trapping with the 5 X 5 body gripping traps. These little traps will catch big coon effectively if used properly and do not fall under most of the restrictions placed on the larger body grippers. Their small size also greatly reduces the chance of catching a dog.

We got the meeting started. John Milks reported that the kid we agreed to sponsor for DEC camp has been accepted to attend. We also were contacted by Senator Cathy Young’s office saying she will be unable to attend our Dinner next month. Derwood Say had information on a free archery camp for kids 12 to 15 that was being held in Erie County. Sounded very interesting and some were going to check it out.

We also received a letter of resignation from President Andy Smith. It was decided that VP David Allen would fill in temporarily until election of officers this fall. We need to find out if Andy is still going to be our Region 9 South representative for the NYSTA.

John Milks said that membership dues are slow in coming in this year and asked what to do about it. Hopefully a good number of members will come to our dinner next month and we can remind them there to please pay their dues. John also has been approached by another Sportsman club that wanted our list of vendors. We decided not to do this but would inform them that they could come to our show and talk to all the vendors they wanted.

We decided what prizes to get for our annual raffle and noted that there is a new radio station in Salamanca that we could advertise our show on. We are going to check it out.

Derwood Say gave the Federation report and noted that the Master Instructor is planning on dropping in at various Sportsman Education classes this year.
Anyone wishing to join can call John Milks at 716-557-2523. — David Allen

The meeting was called to order by
President Bill Howe at 5:10 pm, March 21, 2010.
There were 14 members present.
50/50 was won by Les Wedge (again), he will need a 1099 his year. Hugh McDonald won the lures donated by John Hahn and Mark Slocum won the Palin button.

President’s list: There will be a Trapper Training course on April 3, at the Solon Club. Bill noted that he gets lots of help.

The IFH auction at Pompey showed an increase in prices. There were more buyers present this time.

Mr. Howe sold one coyote for us. Bill also noted that there are plenty of gun raffle tickets available, just ask. Shirley reported that Life member Mike Lafond was under the weather. The Club wishes him well.

Bill has purchased the honey sticks and bears for the Maple Festival. We thank Harvey Gardinier for his generosity in this endeavor.

Fur inventory discussion. (again). All our furs not received from Mr. Zebo yet.
Maple Festival discussion dominated discussion. John S and Bill put together roster of workers for Fri, Sat and Sunday. We should have enough but don’t feel bashful about showing up to help. Food service menu worked on. Shirley, Hugh and John seem to have it covered. Greg insisted that John Slocum’s Beaver be served Sunday, or he isn’t coming.
Treasurer’s report was accepted ass read.
Minutes were accepted as written. (Thanks Les)

Round table:
Art thanked Club for get well card. He is feeling better, but the old grey mare is not what he used to be. Les Wedge noted some auction prices and said that he received more for his rats than for his beaver.
Lee Stockton has sent letters to Legislators on bills being worked on.
Mark Slocum wants a class picture from the Maple Festival.

Hugh McDonald talked to Dale S and Dale said he is getting decent prices for his furs. Hugh picked up the projector from Dale.

The food tonight is by John Slocum and John warned all that there just might be a pellet or two in the rabbit stew. He noted that we seem to be ready for the Maple Festival even though each year it becomes a little harder to get enough people.

The Club recessed to the outside and Dick Firshings demo on the back of his truck.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:40PM.
Respectfully submitted: — Art Manz

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Howe at 5:00 PM, April 18, 2010. Joan won the 50/50 Butch J, won the lure donated by Joan Hahn and Bill won the Sarah Palin pin. Allan Dean won the 50/50 drawing from the Maple Festival.
Gun raffle tickets are available. See Mr. Howe.

President’s list: Maple Festival was discussed at length. Overall it was another successful weekend thanks to that dedicated group that keeps things running.

Bill still has not been able to get in touch with Mr. Zebo for the rest of our furs.
We discussed the up coming try at a Trapper Youth Camp but haven’t decided the best way to help. Watch this spot.

Treasurer’s report was accepted as given. Maple Fest receipts were given to the Treasurer. Another discussion on pros and cons of the event, what sells, what don’t, and what needs changing. (if anything)
Minutes were accepted as written.
Round table:

Shirley Howe noted that Les Wedge reported that he only had one application for the scholarship so far. Shirley also noted that Les and Diane have suffered through the loss of Diane’s mother. The Club expresses our sympathies to Les and Diane and their family at the loss.

Dale Beckwith discussed the Trapper Training Course just held. Need training material for these classes.

John Hahn discussed some trapper stuff from Florida. He passed around articles from the Florida Paper about them…

John Slocum thanked all who helped at the Maple Festival. Art asked and John replied that they had sufficient help this year, but noted that the crew keeps getting smaller.
(This turned out to be a good thing for our meeting. John had Beaver left over from the Festival, and those present at the meeting made good use of it. Very good John and thank you.)
Dale and Butch will bring the food for next month.
Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted. — Art Manz

We would like to thank the following club members for their recent pelt donations.
Charlie McClure and Joe Grover donated a big bundle of tanned raccoon pelts. Dennis Smilinich donated a nice pile of muskrats he caught up north this past season. It is a pleasure to have such dedicated members in ECTA, thanks again!

March Meeting News: We welcomed new member Keith to the meeting. He talked about his friendship with Herb Eble, and their time together in the Erie County Coon Club back in the 50’s. We talked about looking into purchasing a portable DVD player for our club pictures. We all agreed it would be a nice addition to our booth. Harold, and Debbie will help Patti organizing the pictures. If anyone has any club pictures on their computer, please let us know. We also talked about ordering nametags for booth workers. Rick read his letter to DEC regarding the letter that accompanies the beaver seals. Ken Baginski said his Fur Bearer team is working on changing the wording.

Tim mentioned his recent attendance at the Wildlife Management Association meeting. He covered the on going coyote study in New York City and Dave Millers report. Tim said we should get ready for some new changes this year, that we would want to support.

We reported on the Federation Awards Banquet, congratulating Debbie for her Trapper of the Year Award. We donated a nice tanned coyote pelt for their silent auction. We mentioned the 51 clubs involved in the federation and how they continuously support us.

Bill Arthur and Harold Leggett mentioned that they would both be willing to attend some of the federation meetings in the future. Rick did a short demo on fur handling, once again stressing the importance of your opening cuts on raccoons. He brought in 2 almost identical pelts to show the differences in the cuts. He also mentioned how the buyers check the window to note how prime the pelts are. A few tips were given on stretching beaver pelts. When one is stretched too tightly, it breaks the fibers on the skin side, showing marks.

Expo: We had another great show. Thanks to the many members who helped set up and man our booth. We had 4 new members join us. Thanks to Jay Raymond, Mike Jerome, Darrin Pound and Tom Krone. Welcome aboard! We also had a renewal, Rich Lazarczyk.

Our coyote pelt raffle had 79 chances. Congratulations to our very own Jr. member Racheal Smith ,who won the pelt. We sold many fur items, pelts , faces and tails.

Adopt-a-Highway: Our first trash pick up was on April 17th. We met at Trevett Rd and Rt. 39 in Springville. Those who helped out all agreed that the few snow flurries was better than rain. Thanks to Rick , Patti , Rich and Debbie for a good help. They enjoyed a meal in town afterwards. We will try to do the pick up a little earlier next year, and we will be calling you to help for our next one in May or June. This will be a Thursday evening around 6.
Pot Luck Invite: A few Erie County members attended the Cattaragus County Trappers pot luck lunch on Sunday, April 18th. Dave Allen organized a very nice time for all. We had a special guest, Dave Miller from NYSTA. He spoke about his visits to Albany and how he is hopeful on some current trapping issues. We also went over the proposed DEC regulations. Hope you all made a few comments as requested.

Jakes Day: The National Wild Turkey Federation Springville Strutters held their annual Jakes Day on Saturday April 17th from 8-3pm at Springville Field & Stream. John Stanley, Joe Craft and Brad Smolinski attended the event and helped introduce the kids to trapping. This is one of our yearly kids event we attend ,with 80 kids from all over the area getting a first hand taste of trapping. We gave away a couple of raccoon pelt door prizes to a few young girls.
Family Picnic: Our annual family picnic will be Sat. June 19th starting around 2:00, at the Wattengel’s, 12580 Jennings Rd. Lawtons . Please bring a dish to pass, your own drinks and something for the grill if you wish. This year we will have a Sport-Swap for our club members. You may bring in your items and we will have a table set up. We ask that you mark everything with your name and the price. We will keep it casual. Please bring in a few items to make it interesting. Call 337-2556 for more info and directions.

We also extend our invite to our friends from Cattaragus County Trappers.
Our meetings are held the second Tuesday monthly at 7:30pm Hamburg Rod & Gun Club on Hickox Rd. Anyone interested in trapping should attend. For club correspondence send mail to ECTA 12580 Jennings Rd, Lawtons, NY 14091
Our next meeting will be July 13th. There will be no August meeting. We will set up for the Erie County Fair on Tuesday , August 10th. (The Fair dates are Aug. 11-22nd.) — Patti Wattengel


Minutes of Meeting
March 14, 2010
12 Members present

• The Pledge of Allegiance was said.
• Minutes of last meeting were read and accepted.
• Treasurer’s report read and accepted.

The Fur Sale March 3rd went well for the club, prices were much better this time. Many thanks to those that helped. “Many hands make light work”. Pompey Rod and Gun was paid for the use of the club. The new numbering system is working very well.
• We voted on the By-Laws, they are now:
Amendment #2
* The commission rate for the Fur Sale is raised to 10% for everyone.
(We’ve been doing that for years instead of 5% but never changed the By-Laws).
* Previously the By-Laws required everyone to be a club member to sell fur at     the sale. The By-Laws now read that one does not need to be a member to sell fur     at our sale.
* Previously the By-Laws stated that we were required to hold a Fur Sale on a     specific date. There is no longer a date requirement or a sole requirement.
* Under the duties of officers, it was amended to require that the secretary     annually update the Club Archives by adding a complete copy of each month’s     newsletter by the January meeting of the new year.
* Money from the NRA grant is coming for items already bought, discussed the     items, very nice. Thanks, Al.

• The spring Turkey Contest will be May 1-31 for the Independent Fur Harvesters of CNY members and their INVITED guests. The fee is $10.00 per bird and must register by April 23rd, no exceptions. Barb LaFrance will be the sole judge using NWTF guidelines, her decisions stand.
• Al spoke with Tom Gebo and bought more fur to sell, after a lengthy discussion the club voted to buy even more fur from Tom. Reason is bank CDs are only paying 1-3%, yet we can sell the fur for a MUCH better return.
• Discussed future raffles, we will do another predator package. Don’t change it if it’s working.
• Do we want to do a December Fur Sale? Anyone?
• We voted to rejoin NYSCC.
• Al was reimbursed for postage and other fees associated with the club.
• Gary won the 110 donated by Bill Howe.
• We need nominations for Trapper of the Year AND for the Hall of Fame. Contact Al LaFrance or one of the other officers.

• None

• Spring Banquet is at Al’s Diner on April 25 from 3-6p.m. $10.00 per person, kids under 18 are free. Call Al LaFrance at 682-2050 or Al Burns at 633-2030 to register. NEED to know how many for the chef.

• THE NEXT MEETING IS APRIL 8th at 6:00 p.m. THAT’S A THURSDAY. WE are back on the 2nd THURSDAY at 6:00 p.m. Anyone that can show up at 5:00 p.m. We’d like to do some spring cleaning before the meeting.
Respectfully submitted. — Rich Palmer

Minutes of Meeting
April 8, 2010
14 Members present

• The Pledge of Allegiance was said.
• Minutes of last meeting were read and accepted.
• Treasurer’s report read and accepted.

• Al went over a few of the by-laws as a reminder.
• Al received the NRA Grant and Tim will deposit it. We will most likely skip the grant this year and let another club benefit.
• No response from Tom Gebo on the extra furs, Al will contact him again.
• For future raffles – we decided to do the Predator Package AND a 50/50.
• We are wishing Jim Dougherty a speedy recovery and hoping Bob Evans is doing well, our prayers go out to booth.


• The Club gave Al certificates for Dinner and to Gander Mountain for his help with the NRA Grants, Thanks again Al.
• We decided to do another December Fur Sale, it will be the 12th which is a Sunday.
• The NRA Banquet will be June 3rd at the Rusty Rail in Canastota, cash bar starts at 5:30 and dinner at 7:00 p.m. We voted and passed to sponsor an item for the Banquet up to $100. Anyone attending the Banquet needs to contact Al so he can arrange the tables, 682-2050.
• Grass Root acknowledged our “Buck a Member”.

• None

• June 3rd – NRA Banquet. Call Al for details.

MARCH 2,2010
The meeting was called to order at 8 PM
The Treasurer’s report was read and accepted as given.
Old Business: The highway pick up is April 24th @ 8:30 am on St rt 104b.
A card was passed around for Al Craig who is now home from the hospital.

The Sportsman’s march on Albany will be on April 13th. Anyone wishing to ride the bus please contact Chuck Parker in Mexico.

The gun was ordered and should be in tom’s hand by the next meeting.
New Business: The convention planning has started we need new tickets for the gun to be ordered. food vendors have been contacted. think of anything you would like to see at the show this year.

We passed a card around for Bob Fravor he is in St Joseph’s in Syracuse. The club Bought Friends of the NRA tickets. The Mannsville fur sale will be April 10th at the fire hall. Check in is at 8 am.

Roy Asked if we would consider sending a kid to DEC camp next year it would be about $325 for one kid.

The club voted to send Dave Miller $200 to help his cost to fight for trapping in Albany.
The club also coted to give the Leather Stocking Club $100 for use of the club house for our meetings.
Meeting was adjourned
Respectfully submitted. — Charles L Lamb Jr.

APRIL 6TH 2010
The meeting was called to order.
The pledge was taken.
The newsletter was discussed breifly as to i need to get it out earlier.
The treasurer’s report and accepted as given.

Old business: The highway pick up will be april 24 @ 8:30 am. those that can attend please do so we have 2 miles of road to clean and more hands make it go faster.
Bob Fravor our long time club member is out of the hospital that we know of and recovering in Seneca Hills.

Howard Skellington also informed us he had a heart attack and still showed up at the meeting. We all know you’re a tough old bird Howard.

The sportsman’s march on Albany was on April 14th. The gun for our raffle is done. We should have tickets at the meeting.

The Jefferson County furharvester’s had there annual fur sale April 11th.
New business: The Oswego County Sportsman’s Federation dinner was this past week. The club usually donates 12- 110 conibears for there raffle. Since we didn’t have any on hand Bruce “moose” Hyde. stepped up and gave a dozen 110 he had at home to the club. For this, 1 big thank you goes out to his generosity.

The NTA northeast is coming up in May, the NYSTA annual spring membership conference is April 24 at Morrisville College.

Scott Lehoten asked if he could get support to try and man a trapper’s booth at the NY state fair.
THE trapping regulation changes proposed are in the NY state register and are up for a comment period fell free to voice your opinion on these possible changes
The meeting was adjourned. — Charles L Lamb Jr.

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