New York State Trappers Association November 2009 Report

President — John Rockwood, 114 County Route 30A, Williamstown, NY 13493; phone: 315-415-4946; e-mail:

Vice President — Wayne Jones, 9152 River Road, Marcy, NY 13403; phone: 315-768-8115; e-mail:

Treasurer — Dale Gamba, 12320 Pople Rd., Cato, NY 13033; phone: 315-626-3710; e-mail:

Secretary — Ed Hogan, 1900 SR 48, Fulton, NY 13069; phone: 315-593-2196

Legislative Liaison — Dave Miller, 11311 gay Road, Prattsburg, NY 14873; phone: 607-522-4707

NTA Director — Jim Carmody, 237 Fonda Rd., Waterford, NY 12188; phone: 518-237-3071

FTA Delegate — Ray Van Hoesen, 41 Apple Ring Road, Red Hook, NY 12571; phone: 845-758-2453

JTI Chairman — Al West, 5 Hillcrest Ave., Queensbury, NY 12804; phone: 518-793-3662; e-mail:

Membership Options:

• Junior Membership – under 16 years of age with subscription to the Trapper & Predator Caller and quarterly NYSTA Newsletter — $15/yr
• Basic Membership – any age, NYSTA Newsletter, no subscription to T&PC — $15/yr
• General Membership – any age with subscription to the T&PC and quarterly NYSTA Newsletter — $25/yr
• Family Membership – One magazine subscription to T&PC and the NYSTA Newsletter — $30/yr
• Lifetime Membership – any age with lifetime subscription to T&PC, NYSTA Newsletter, special membership credentials and placque, etc. ­— $750

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

NYSTA, Secretary/Treasurer
Dale Gamba
12320 Pople Rd., Cato, NY 13033


Greetings Fellow Trappers,

Everything is pretty calm and quiet here in New York right now. We are very lucky in that respect. Your NYSTA, through our JTI Committee, is still working on a relatively long list of trapping regulation changes that will affect NY’s trappers in very positive ways. We are working jointly and cooperatively with the NYSDEC’s Furbearer Management Team on these changes. It has been an ongoing process for over two years now, but good things take time. Hopefully we will see these changes implemented in the 2010-2011 seasons. There are a few new regulatory changes this season along with some changes in the dates of beaver, otter, muskrat and mink seasons in some regions. Unfortunately, these changes weren’t finalized in time to make the printing deadlines for the new syllabus. DEC will be mailing notices of these changes to every trapper who has purchased a license for the 2009-2010 seasons.

Our friends and fellow trappers in Montana aren’t so lucky right now. They are facing a very serious and real threat from a group called “Footloose Montana.” This group is preparing to put an initiative on the November 2010 Montana ballot that would put an end to all trapping on public lands in the state of Montana. This initiative has to be stopped, Footloose has to be stopped and the general public in Montana needs to be properly educated about the trapping and effective wildlife management. This is shaping up to be a long and costly battle. Montana sportsmen and women need all the help and financial support they can get.

If Footloose were to succeed in Montana, which state(s) would be next? The Montana Trappers Assoc. has formed, as required by State Law, a Ballot Initiative Committee called “Montanans For Effective Wildlife Management” to fight the Footloose Montana initiative now known as I-160. For more information or to help by sending donations, please contact Montanans For Effective Wildlife Management, Jim Buell – Treasurer, PO Box 133, Gildford, Montana 59525-0133. If sending donations, please be sure to include your name, address and occupation as that information has to be on file to satisfy Montana State Law. All help will be greatly appreciated and stopping Footloose now in Montana could discourage them from trying this same anti-trapping approach in other states in the future.

On a brighter note, the recently held NYSTA Annual Convention was a huge, record-setting success. Vice President Wayne Jones and the Convention Committee along with several other officers and NYSTA members who helped throughout the show deserve a huge “Thank You.” I’d like to personally thank all the dealers, vendors, those who gave demos, the Herkimer County Fairgrounds staff and the trappers and their families who attended for helping make this such a success once again. There is no doubt this was one of the most well prepared and best organized conventions we’ve ever held yet.

So as not to steal all Wayne’s thunder on this, let’s wait for next month’s T&PC for Wayne’s own report on the convention. NYSTA recognized several very deserving trappers as well as a group of special ladies with awards at this year’s convention. Our convention booklet was dedicated to Gordy Berndt, who also received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Bob Hughes was NYSTA’s Trapper of the Year, Jim Carmody was honored with the President’s Award, Dave Morse received the NYSTA Director of the Year award, Affiliate of the Year award was presented to the New York State Houndsmen Association, Hank Dam was awarded Director Emeritus of Region One status, and Ed Sukuskas along with Dick Ogden received recognition and awards for their many, many years of supporting trapping in NY and their dedication to the Trapper Training program.

Our unofficial “Ladies Auxiliary” received recognition for not only spending a large portion of their lives assisting us at most all NYSTA functions in so many ways, but also for dedicating their lives to supporting trapping, NYSTA and most of all their husbands’ involvement and trapping lifestyle. NYSTA’s functions wouldn’t be the same without the help and support of Bonnie Hughes, Jeannie Berndt, Cheryl West and Janet Corse. Congratulations and Thank You to each and every one of you.

As I write this, our trapping seasons here in NY will be opening in 24 days. The nights are getting cooler, the fall rains have started and that autumn smell is in the air. Although fur prices might be a bit discouraging, most of us will be out there doing what we love to do, what we live for. Take time to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Experiment with new things, thoughts and ideas. It’s a good time to be a trapper in New York. I wish you all the best this coming season.

— John Rockwood


The regular meeting of the Cattaraugus County Trappers Association was held Sept. 17 at the Cooperative Extension building. John Milks reported that we got a thank you note from the two girls we helped attend the Rushford DEC camp this year. They had a good time.

In the old Mall in Bradford PA, they hold a big sportsman show in the spring. Some of the guys have attended and say it is a great show that is well attended. Maybe we should go and try to advertise our show at it. Maybe even get a booth and sell some of our raffle tickets there. Food for thought. Our show is going to be Aug. 13-15 next year. We discussed vendor problems we had and changes to make to avoid them next year.

Derwood Say gave the federation report and also commented on the meeting at Letchworth State Park. He said they plan to allow hunting in parts of the park that have not been allowed before. There has been a lot of deer damage. They will only allow archery in December though. Not much, but it’s a start.

Andy went to the State show and reported that it was very slow, but that was sort of to be expected with the bad economy. He also reported that he had signed up 70 people to take his trapping class and had to turn others away. David Allen noted that his class was just two weeks ago and had just six attend. And both classes were advertised on the DEC Web site and at the town clerks offices. Something is wrong with this picture!

John noted that we can leave our trapping display board in the Federation building and that the display at the fair was very good.

We held election of officers with the following results:

President – Andy Smith

VP – David Allen

Treasure – John Milks

Secretary – Derwood Say

1 yr. Director – Dale Kester

Federation Rep. – Derwood Say

Derwood reported the proposed changes in the beaver regulations and seasons. The changes are very common sense and helpful. He says that more beavers are killed by nuisance trappers than are killed during the season. And that nuisance beavers are just wasted instead of used.

David told that this was member Frank Ploetz’s last meeting as he was moving to Eden to live with his family and would not be able to travel that far to attend. He plans to take his traps with him and maybe find some new places to trap. Good luck Frank. You will be missed.

— David Allen


At our September meeting, Debbie Schillaci renewed her membership and became our 54th lifetime member since it’s inception in 1999. John Matthewson also renewed his membership. Thanks! Just a friendly reminder to renew your own membership today, and help keep our club strong. You can call Patti at 716-337-2556 if you need an application for yourself or a friend. Deb gave a report on Adopt-A-Highway. We will resume our pick ups in the spring. She also asked those who want VHS tapes from our club library collection to please call ahead at 716-923-5266 as from now on we will only bring the DVDs to the meeting.

We discussed the new regulation proposals and were pleased with the extended beaver season, and thought that the D.E.C. was leaning in a positive direction. We hope many of you sent in your comments to Gordon Batcheller at the D.E.C. Thanks to Andy for his report on the NYSTA convention. He mentioned there were a lot of good demos and tailgaters. A few of our members took advantage of the certification class for cable restraints. When the biologists were asked about cable restraints for coyotes, they said they have a lot of feedback from field studies and that they will continue to explore that issue. Jr. trapper Bradley reported on the Cattaraugus convention in Little Valley.

He noted that he was impressed at all of the vendors and that he bought some much needed trapping supplies. We commended our neighboring trapper association with another good convention. John and Rich recapped their participation at Green Wings Day. Plans for next year included inviting more trappers to help out, adding more fur prizes for the kids and the possibility of the club purchasing an E-Z up tent to be use for such outings when we need to set up outside. Rick brought some fur handling items to show, including his two portable beams, “slop” bin and favorite fleshing knives.

He noted that a top quality knife such as a Zeph is a long-lasting investment. Do not over do it with sharpening and don’t drop it. Patti had a show and tell about some P.E.T.A. mailing and warned everyone to be on the watch for this propaganda. She also gave the trappers skunk spray remedies to use that are safe for you and your pets. Use 1 Qt. Of 3 percent Hydrogen Peroxide, ¼ cup of Baking Soda, 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap. Mix up fresh and wash while mixture is bubbling, then rinse off with water. Do not store remaining solution. Spot your dog’s nose with vanilla extract for the hard to clean nose pad. They will be ready to crawl back in the bed with you that night!

Erie County’s National Hunting & Fishing & Trapping day was held again at Wood & Brook in Alden. Thanks to Rich, Deb and Patti for setting up and spending the day with the kids. Our booth was very popular with 80 kids playing our fur game and match the tracks game for a fur drawing. We gave out 15 coyote and fox faces as well as two muskrat pelts. We threw some coloring books and tails on the door prize table. There were a lot of happy faces.

We now have the NYSTA calendars available for sale. They are $20 each and you pick your own three numbers with a chance to win a cash prize every day. Our club has an ad shared with Cortland County for the month of April. We will have them to sell at the next meetings and hope everyone will buy one for themselves or for a gift. It is a great way to support your State trapping club. We purchased 10 Remington calendars from the Federation and will have them for sale also.

It is time to be thinking about our upcoming Fur Handling Seminar and Fur Auction so we can start getting flyers passed around and do the early advertising in November. Also we need to start selection for our SGT. Daniel Shaw Youth Award and plan for the Herb Eble Award.

We received our last tanned furs from Z&L. We now have a nice selection of red fox, coyote and raccoon pelts. Special thanks to Leo for sending us an extra bag of fur marked “for the kids.”

For club correspondence, send mail to E.C.T.A. 12580 Jennings Rd. Lawtons NY 14091. Our meetings are held the second Tuesday each month at 7:30 p.m. at Hamburg Rod & Gun Club on Hickox Rd. Anyone interested in trapping should attend.

Our next meeting dates are Nov. 10 and Dec. 18 (Christmas Party).

Take a kid trapping!

— P. Wattengel


Minutes of Meeting

Sept. 10, 2009

10 Members present

• The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

• Minutes of last meeting were read.

• Treasurer’s report was read and accepted.


• We NEED VOLUNTEERS for our Carpenter Brook booth. Please call Al LaFrance at 682-2050. Try and attend as this might be the last one before the hatchery is closed, due to government officials miss-managing our tax dollars.

• Discussion on Coyote Hunt. Everyone got information with last month’s newsletter. Send in Entry Form by Oct. 12 deadline. Must be received at Al LaFrance’s house by mail or hand delivered by then to be valid. The list of donated prizes is staggering and growing daily. In future newsletters, we will thank each individual donor so they can also be acknowledged in the Trapper & Predator Caller Magazine.


• The Club passed around a card to be signed; hoping club member Bob Evans gets well soon. He has been feeling under the weather and club wishes him well.

• Rich Palmer has done an inventory of the clubs’ fur. Al will contact Tom Gebo about replenishing our stock, in time for the Northeast Sports Show.

• The joint Rondy with Cortland Trappers went well. The weather was great and there was a lot of great stuff in the auctions. Thanks to Bill Howe and Al LaFrance for their demos.

• The Club wants to thank Bob Evans for donating the honey we use for our donation trade, to get items for our joint rendezvous with Cortland County Trappers. Also a big thanks to Harvey for bottling it, and Al LaFrance for taking the time at the NYSTA Convention to solicit donations from the vendors. We would also like to say thank you to all the vendors at NYSTA that were generous enough to donate the items for our auction. Thank you all.

• In case you missed the September meeting, it was time to elect new officers. As always it was highly contested with numerous members running for office. In the end, these are the lucky individuals who won:

President – Al LaFrance

Vice President – Ed Wright

Secretary – Rich Palmer

Treasurer – Tim Evans

Thank you to all the new officers for stepping up and helping to support our club, and to all those who did not win, please accept our sincerest condolences.

• Thank you to members Al LaFrance for donating a fridge, and Rich Palmer for stocking it with bottled water and soda for club members to purchase during the meetings for .50 each.


• Oswego County Rendezvous is Sept. 17-19 at Camp Zerbe. There will be a Trap Class on the 19th. Call Charlie at 963-3051 to sign up.

• Trapper Training Course at Peterboro Sportsman’s Club is on Sept. 26. Call Al to sign up – 682-2050.

• This year’s fall fur sale will be held on Dec. 12 at the Pompey Rod and Gun Club. Check in will be at 8 a.m. And the flat rate commission will again be 10 percent to all sellers. Please try and attend as the club NEEDS VOLUNTEERS to help check in fur and help out.

• Our annual Christmas Banquet has a confirmed date of Dec. 20 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. And will again be held at Al’s Village Diner in East Syracuse, N.Y. The dinner is free to all members; please bring a small gift to pass. If you are going to attend, all we ask is that you please call Al Burns at 633-2030 or 415-7509 anytime before the dinner, and let us know how many will be in your party, so we have a rough idea of how many to make reservations for. Thank You.

• The Northeast Sports Show will be held on Jan. 22-24, 2010 at the NYS Fairgrounds. The Club will again be attending and NEEDING VOLUNTEERS to man the booth. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, so please try and attend. Our raffle item will be the same as last year, the complete predator calling package. It includes a new shotgun, predator caller and decoy along with the nite-light package. It is valued at well over $1,000 and is a great prize for someone. We will be giving away our nice Alpaca blanket as an optional prize.

• THE NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON OCT. 8 AT 6:30 P.M. at the clubhouse. Hope to see everyone there.

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