“North American Trapper” Debuts Tonight!

Trappers, you’ll want to make sure you get control of the remote control tonight. “F&T’s North American Trapper,” television’s first all-trapping show, debuts at 6 p.m. EST.

The show, which is hosted by Alan Probst of “All Outdoors With Alan Probst,” will be broadcast on In Country Television, which can be found on basic subscription packages on DirecTV channel 344 and Dish Network channel 230.

The show will also be available for viewing after television airings
on “North American Trapper’s” website at www.NATrapper.com. The website will launch on or about July 15 and will also feature various other
clips and merchandise.

Alan was nice enough to give us at Trapper & Predator Caller a sneak peak of the first episode and we can tell you that you definitely won’t want to miss it. It’s a great program for trappers of all ages and skill levels.

“F&T’s North American Trapper” will air every Wednesday at 6 p.m. EST and every Thursday at
11 p.m. EST. There will be
13 episodes in the first season, which will run through the end of
September with rebroadcasts through December.

Trapper & Predator Caller is one of the show’s sponsors. Other sponsors include F&T Fur Harvesters Trading Post as the title sponsor, Duke Trap Company, USA FOXX & Furs, the National Trappers Association and Furbearers Unlimited.

Trapper & Predator Caller Executive Editor
Jim Spencer and trappers Charles Probst, Johnny Thorpe, Mark June, Tera Roach, John Graham, Mike Gurski, Kirk DeKalb and Brad Harris will be among those featured in the first season.

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