North Carolina Trappers Association June-July 2013 Report


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Hello Fellow NC trappers, I hope this report finds you doing well. We have a lot to talk about so let’s get started.

The 1st thing to discuss is senate bill 689. This bill will ban the use of all bodygrip traps on dryland. Thats right, I said ALL BODYGRIP TRAPS. This bill was introduced by senator Norman Sanderson in district 2 and was brought about by a handful of houndsmen who claim to have lost dogs to 220 bodygrip traps. I only know of one incident of this happening this past season and in that case,the trap was legally set and the dogs and their owners were trespassing. I contacted Dale Caveny,head of enforcement for the NCWRC and asked for info on dog/conibear complaints handled by the WRC in the last 3 years and he told me that there had been only 10 complaints in that time period. With roughly 3,000 trappers and several hundred thousand dogs in the field each fall, this is a very small number of complaints.

On April 18th, Tonnie Davis,Claudie Taylor,David Denton and myself went to Raliegh tomeet with senator Sanderson and layout our side of the case for bodygrip traps. We made an arguement for the absolute need for this pc. of equipment for both fur trapping and animal damage control work. We gave ideas for trapper education and a list of BMPs for usig these traps and I offered the senator and the houndsmen a compromise that I thought would relieve their concerns. I told the senator that the main problem with bodygrip trps and dogs was the use of baited plastic buckets. I therefore suggested that we prohibit the use of buckets and go to a wooden box similar to that in Virginia’s regulations. Anyone who has talked to me at the convention or been taught by me in trappers ed knows my feelings on buckets. I live in the heart of hound country and everyone that I know that has hunting dogs feeds and waters them out of a 5 gallon plastic bucket. This box with it’s restricted opening would solve most of our problem.

With that said, I have not heard anything back from the senator since our meeting. We also met with NCWRC director Gordan Myers and laid out our position with him. At this time, he is putting together a list of suggestions that the WRC could handle through rule changes and we wanted to have some input on that report.

At this point, the bill is awaiting review by the senate ag committee and we need to get it stopped. By the time you get this letter, it may have already gotten through the senate. If it does,then we have to take our fight to the house of representatives. Either way, we have to let our folks who represent us in Raliegh know that we oppose this bill. Below is a form letter outlining our position, reword it if you like but stick with the talking points. We need to make this about landowner rights. We have one user group here that is telling us, the WRC and the property owners in this state that they have more rights on your property than you do.

Dear Senator,

I am writing to you on behalf of myself and other concerned property owners and wildlife managers in this district about sb 689,which is being considered by your committee during this session.

This bill will outlaw all bodygrip traps on dryland in our state. This will severely handicap landowners and property managers when it comes to controlling nuisance animals on their land. Raccoons, opossums, skunks, groundhogs and nutrias are just a few of the animals that these traps are employed to control. Animal damage control agents also commonly rely on these traps to capture raccoons and squirrels in attic spaces for homeowners.

This bill encroaches heavily on a land owners rights to manage their property by taking away one of the most effective tools at their disposal. Raccoons,skunks,and opossums are all common carriers of the rabies virus and are all serious depredation threats to ground nesting birds such as turkey,quail and waterfowl.

This bill would also make it illegal to catch otters in the water in traps larger than 7 1/2 nches by 7 1/2 inches (220). Many beaver are caught at present in larger traps set for otter (280s and 330s). The result of this rule change will be fewer beaver harvested throughout the state and more expensive problems for landowners,local governments and the NCDOT.

I urge you to vote no on sb689 and let the landowners and wildlife managers of our state know that their rights are important to you.


As I said, You can change it up to personalize it,but stick with the main message. Here is the website with the contact info for the members of the senate ag committee;….%20Standi ng_66

You can also get their phone numbers through this web page. A phone call to each of the senators and representatives to back up your email couldn’t hurt . It would also be helpful to call Gordon Myers,the NCWRC director,and let him know how you feel on this issue. His phone number is 919-707-0151 . More contact info is available on our website talk forum at .

Hopefully we can get this bill defeated if we all do our part and let our voices be heard. Please don’t take for granted that the other guy will take care of the problem and you can just sit back and watch. That kind of thinking will be all of our downfall. A couple of hours of your time is a small price to pay to protect our rights to trap and manage the wildlife on our land as we see fit.

At our last BOD meeting, we voted to re-hire Michael Mann to lobby for us in Raliegh. He offered us a reduced rate and though some were skeptical at the time,I am glad we have had him in our corner during this fight. He has been in constant contact and has proven himself a most useful asset to our association in handling our affairs in the capitol.

That’s about all that I have for now so I will close. This association belongs to us all . It’s success or failure depends directly on us and how we meet the challenges set before us. I’ll ask once more that you please get involved. Compared to our opposition, our numbers are small and every voice counts. Thanks for your help. — Tony White

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