North Dakota Fur Hunters & Trappers Association November 2009 Report

President — Rick Tischaefer, P.O. Box 334, Butte, ND 58723-0334; phone: 701-626-7150; e-mail:

Vice President — Marty Beard, 9101 119th St. SE, Bismarck, ND 58504; phone: 701-224-0878

Secretary — Jeremy Duckwitz, P.O. Box 465, Hazelton, ND 58544; phone: 701-674-3535; e-mail:

Treasurer — Linda Penry, 3235 Crested Drive N., Mandan, ND 58554; phone: 701-667-9380; e-mail:

Fur Harvester Education Program Coordinator — Rick Tischaefer, P.O. Box 334,Butte, ND 58723-0334; phone: 701-626-7150; e-mail:

Membership Options:

• Junior (14 and under) membership with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $12
• Adult membership with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $20
• Family membership with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $20
• Lifetime with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $250
• Lifetime (62 and over) with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $150

Complete membership application on first page of the association news section and send dues to:

NDFHTA, Treasurer
Linda Penry
3235 Crested Dr. N., Mandan, ND 58554


Greetings everyone! Let’s just slow things down for awhile and have October and November for about six months. How does that sound?

As you’re reading this report, a few North Dakota trappers are working hard at catching badgers for the BMP research project. The Best Management Practices for trapping program can be viewed on our Web site at or at We participated in the field research for skunk in 2008 and now badgers in 2009. The traps used to capture badgers are the Sterling MJ 600, a 4-coiled #3 Victor Softcatch and a modified #3 Bridger. Each trap has an in-line shock spring and a double stake swivel for anchoring. We’ll keep you up-to-date in future reports, as well as have the trappers do a presentation at our winter meet.

The folks at North American Fur Auctions in Winnipeg will be hosting a “Trapper Day” on Saturday, Dec. 12. The day includes a tour of the facility, fur handling demonstrations, market reports, food and an all-around good time with a great group of folks — especially with our neighbors to the Nort’. If you’re interested in attending, let me know and I can set you up with the contact for reservations or more information.

We’ll be collecting deer hides (and most anything else) again this year for our 50/50 program. Keep that in mind as you process your deer this year, and let your friends and family know as well. We also have the wild fur program running at the same time, so keep that in mind as you’re working in the fur shed this season.

You should be receiving a membership survey in the next couple of weeks. Please take the time to complete and return the survey. Your feedback is important for setting the course for the next couple of years.

Enjoy your time in the field and marshes this fall, and take the time to thank a veteran for the freedom we enjoy. Remember to keep your membership current so you stay informed. Until next time, take care and be safe.

Catch ‘ya.

— Rick Tischaefer

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