North Dakota Fur Hunters & Trappers Association April-May 2013 Report

President — Rick Tischaefer, P.O. Box 334, Butte, ND 58723-0334; 701-626-7150;

Vice President — Marty Beard, 9101 119th St. SE, Bismarck, ND 58504; 701-224-0878

Secretary — Jeremy Duckwitz, P.O. Box 465, Hazelton, ND 58544; 701-674-3535;

Treasurer — Linda Penry, 3235 Crested Drive N., Mandan, ND 58554; 701-667-9380;

Fur Harvester Education Program Coordinator — Rick Tischaefer, P.O. Box 334,Butte, ND 58723-0334; 701-626-7150;


Membership Options:

• Junior (14 and under) membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $12

• Adult membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $20

• Family membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $20

• Lifetime with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $250

• Lifetime (62 and over) with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $150


Complete membership application on first page of the association news section and send dues to:

NDFHTA, Treasurer

Linda Penry

3235 Crested Dr. N., Mandan, ND 58554



Greetings everyone! The biggest hit for this month was our Winter Meet. Our hats are off and a big “thank you” to the crew in Bismarck for making such a great day for everyone – and with God’s help, a beautiful day! Lots of folks came to share the day; the presentations and demonstrations were extremely well done and informative; and I think everyone had an opportunity to visit in good company. The fundraising auction had many hand made items that were simply works of art. Thanks to those who took the time to make them and donate them for such a good cause. Every time we get together, the young folks are involved in a trapping equipment drawing. It’s an awesome sight to see all those young trappers with ear-to-ear smiles because their hands are full of traps, lure, and equipment. Over the years, many have made donations to this important part of our business. This meeting was no different, as lifetime member Jonathan Sivertson donated $150 to the purchase of more equipment for the young folks.

Some highlights of the business meeting included our elections: Glen Baltrusch was elected as Vice President and Chuck Naze was elected as Secretary; everyone decided to donate $150 to the Becoming an Outdoor Women (BOW) Scholarship Program; and Ron Gore (District 2 Director) reported that the summer meet is scheduled for August 24th at Lake Tobias near Northwood. The facility is very nice, the lake is full of fish, there is a short pier and swimming area, primitive camping, and a nice lodge and meeting house. Northwood also has motels. Mark your calendars! If you have demonstration ideas, please pass them along to Ron. If you live in the northeast part of the state, plan on helping out. Many hands make the job much easier.

The Advisory Board meetings are just around the corner. The dates will be posted on the Game and Fish website and in local newspapers. Please attend if you can. Many times I’ve been told by those who have attended that they thought it was a waste of time; it seemed that what input was provided was ignored; and the decisions for any changes had already been made and they were only doing the public meetings because it was required. Having an opportunity to comment on subjects related to managing our natural resources is a blessing bestowed by freedom; and more over, exactly the way it should be. The public (that’s you and me) grants authority to the Game and Fish to manage our resources, and accordingly, the public (you and me) must have the opportunity to be involved in any decisions made regarding our resources. Whether it’s an additional opportunity or a restriction, the basic question must be answered – why? If an individual is being restricted in their activity, do the facts support the restriction and have all other avenues been exhausted to change a behavior or correct the problem? If you feel the Advisory Board meetings are unproductive, maybe it’s because the public (that’s you and me) allowed them to become that way? Poor attendance, folks sitting on their hands, and little to no input creates that environment. You have to be involved in this process; ask the tough questions; and provide your experience, knowledge, and opinions. Make your self heard, and if you feel you are being ignored, mention that too. I’d ask that you not give up on the process – put some effort into making things happen – and check the schedule and attend if you can.

I wrote the Game and Fish Director and again asked him to overturn or nullify the spring beaver trapping restriction. The request was based on the lack of furbearer workgroup involvement and any fact or evidence to suggest the restriction was warranted. The Director replied by letter and in the closing paragraph stated “We understand your concerns related to the additional restrictions on spring water trapping made this past year. We also apologize for our lack of transparency during the review process when the restrictions were introduced and taken forward to the Governor’s office. Be assured we will address this issue again during the next furbearer proclamation review and provide our due diligence in gathering and considering all information, including that which you provided, so that we can be responsible managers of wildlife resources for those that use those resources.” By default, I think my request was denied and the restriction is in place for this season. I am thankful for the candid reply and respect Terry for it. I hope that the furbearer workgroup gets put back on track and again becomes a useful and important tool for furbearer issues in North Dakota. Stay tuned.

That’s about it for now. Keep your membership current so you stay informed, and until next time, take care. Catch ‘ya. — Rick

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