Northern Great Lakes Fur Harvesters, Inc. December 2012 Report

President — Ken Mills, 13004 W H-40 Hwy, Rudyard, MI 49780; 906-478-6631

Vice President — Lloyd White, 2739 W M-28, Dafter, MI 49724; 906-632-6071

Secretary — Jim Neitling, PO Box 171, Kinross, MI 49752; 906-495-5233

Treasurer — Mark A. Spencer, N4552 Spencer Lane, Moran, MI 49760; 906-292-4779;


Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $22

• Junior (16 & under) with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $17


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

NGLFH Secretary

Jim Neitling

P.O. Box 171

Kinross, MI 49752



By the time you read this, the season will be fully underway. After 30 years of trapping the same area, I turned it over to a young lad who got the trapping bug and it got into his blood. I hope he enjoys it as much as I had for the past 30 years. It was like leaving an old friend behind.

We had our meeting on the 17th of October. Mark Spencer gave an update on the fur market forecast. There is still interest in rats and mink, but coon will be a hard sell. No early coon. They are looking for heavy coyote and if you sell it should be on the first or second auction. The prices are expected to drop drastically after that. Otter will probably the same as last year. They are hoping that the prices on beaver will go up form last year since the Chinese have learned to shear and pluck the beaver.

It was decided during the meeting to make the following donations. $1500 to the MTA legal defense fund, $300 to the Salvation Army. $1000 to the NTA on behalf of the donors to the convention, $1000.00 to US Sportsmans Alliance, $75 to the Lutheran Church for allowing us to hold meetings there, $100 to the Northland Sportsman Club for allowing us to hold our meetings there. We also voted to renew our membership with Fur Takers.

Here is an update on the damage control license rule changes. This is from a letter from the DNR that I had received. Theses changes are up for action by the Director and a decision will be made on these changes. The following is just an overview of the changes that are being considered. The permit will be required of anyone charging a fee for their services. Persons making $200 or less annually may acquire the permit free of charge. If you make over $200 you will be required to pass the animal damage controller competency test. It would be offered online by the University of Nebraska. The fees for the exam are as follows. $250 per person for the course, exam, digital copy and hard copy of the controller manual, $200 for the course, exam, and digital copy of the manual, $150 for the exam only, $37.50 to retake the exam if failed previously, $40 for the manual only. You will also have to pay $50 for the license every 3 years. If you have staff members and you make more than $200 they are encouraged to take the exam. If you make less than $200 you can not have staff members. There is just too much information to put in this report but this will give you an idea as to the costs and some of the requirements. Maybe you can get more info from the DNR website.

The rules on reciprocity are on hold until after the election as is the making of the wolf a game animal. Legislatures, don’t you just love them.

Our next meeting will be January 16th, 2013 at the Northland Sportsman club in Gaylord at 7:30pm.

February 23rd will be our annual trapper’s dinner. The cost will be $12 each for 1 trapper and 1 guest. Additional guests will be $15 each. There will be a social hour from 6pm to 7pm and dinner will be at 7pm. If you want anything to drink that is stronger than coffee or pop you will have to bring it with you.

We have another new lifetime member – Bob Steinmetz. Thanks Bob for your support.

We’d like to thank the following businesses and individuals that helped to make our convention a success:

*Southeastern Outdoor Supplies *Fur Harvesters Auction *Hoosier Trapper Supply *North American Fur Auction *Scott Burton *Krause Publications *Larry Pratt *Joe Goodman *Furs by Fritz *Paul Dobbins *RP Outdoors *Mark A. Spencer *Mark W. Spencer *Clark Willowtree Supplies *Eleanor Donnelly *Larry Finch, Jr. *Murray Donnelly *Gary & Lynda Reid *Clayton Smith *Ken Mills *Sterling Furs *Blackies Blend *Slim Pedersen, Inc. *Grawe’s Animal Lures*Wildlife Research Center *Dan Johnson *Michigan Rustics *F&T Trading Post *George & Kathy Morse *Otter Creek *Dwayne & Geri Ulman *Wildwood Pasties *JoJo’s Lures *Dunn Knives*Kellen Kaatz *Paul Grimshaw *Brian Riske*J&K Fur Exchange*Truckload Coon *PCS Outdoors/John Chagnon*Richard & Phyllis Scheall *Trapper Art *Arlo Hamel*Walt Smith & Carol Foley *Jim Neitling *Tami Lundbor * Lloyd White *Rick Marshall *Gene & Vera Harrison *Numerous Tailgaters *Spencer Tores *Mike Kain/Mikes Fur Shed *Porters Trapline *Dunlap *Bob Moody/B&D Enterprises *Duke Traps *Trapline Tees *Charlie Koehler *Richard & Maryann Clark *Northern Sports *Gary Fisher *Phil Spring *Mark June *Minnesota Trapline Products *C&B Trapping Supplies *Doug Harbaugh *AJ Smith *Scott Harbaugh *Henry & Lisa Davis *Glen Steiner

Sure hope we haven’t forgotten anyone. Things got pretty hectic for awhile and we may not have gotten all the names.

Hope you have a great trapping season. — Jim Neitling


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