Northern Great Lakes Fur Harvesters, Inc. September 2014 Report

President — Mike Seelman, PO Box 141, Prudenville, MI 48651;

Vice President — Lloyd White, 2739 W M-28, Dafter, MI 49724; 906-632-6071

Secretary — Jim Neitling, PO Box 171, Kinross, MI 49752; 906-495-5233

Treasurer — Mark A. Spencer, N4552 Spencer Lane, Moran, MI 49760; 906-292-4779;


Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to T&PC — $22

• Junior (16 & under) with subscription to T&PC — $17


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

NGLFH Secretary

Jim Neitling

P.O. Box 171

Kinross, MI 49752


It is hard to believe that the summer is almost over and trapping season is only a couple of months away. This is the time to get that gear ready for the upcoming season. I always have good intentions of getting things done early but it seems that it never happens. It sure is a good thing that I’m not a long liner because I would be boiling traps in the back of my pickup.

We had a meeting in July in Rudyard and there was a pretty good attendance.

Mark gave the fur report and said the market looks ugly and that rats are the only thing that will be in demand but the prices will be down considerably. The Natural Resource Commission did not vote on any of the upcoming changes that I had mentioned before.

The petition signatures were verified and were taken to the Legislature but they are on recess and when they come back they will have one day to vote on the Bill. It is the Scientific Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act. It would ensure that the decisions for the taking of wildlife will be made using principles of sound scientific wildlife management. Provide free hunting, fishing and trapping licenses for active members of the military. Provide appropriations for fisheries management in Michigan for the control or elimination of invasive species including Asian Carp.

We still need a volunteer to fill the upcoming position of secretary. The president, Mike Seelman said he would rerun and Paul Davison will rerun for his director’s position but we still have some director’s position up in the air. There has been more interest in the director positions than any other. If we are to remain an organization we need people to come forward and volunteer. A lot of the officers have given a considerable amount of their time for the organization to keep it going but we are all getting older and we need new blood to keep the association moving forward. This is not a threat that I have heard some say but it is a fact. Enough said on this subject.

I did not attend the National Convention due to prior commitments. It sounds as if this was the best one that has ever been held. The figures are still coming in and so far this is going to be a great convention. I would like to congratulate the U.P. Trappers for a job well done. Way to go YOOPERS!

Speaking of conventions ours is still a go at the Kinross Fairgrounds on September 19th and 20th. It is still on track. If you want a booth contact Ken Mills at 906-478-6631. If you want to put on a demo you can call Lloyd White at 906-632-6071. If you have donations you can send them to me at the above address. Everything is on schedule for another successful convention.

We have some members with some real serious health issues. Larry Pratt and Gene and Vera Harrison still need all of your prayers.

We had a member who walked on to be with all the other great individuals who have preceded him. His name is Harry Fisher. Harry was a great individual and a delight to get to know and speak with. He seemed to always be on the upside. Looking at the positive instead of the negative. Harry, it was an honor to know you and share some of your experiences.

We had our Adopt-A-Highway pickup and the same faces as usual show up. We got our 2 miles of I-75 picked up then we went to our usual watering hole for refreshments and bull session afterwards. We usually have a pretty good time and it only takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete the pickup.

Hope to see you all sometime down the road or at a convention. — Jim Neitling


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