Oil Cleanup Delays Spill Into Trapper’s Business

James Dean, a Florida animal damage control trapper, thought he was going to the Gulf Coast to help with the BP oil spill cleanup. Instead, he’s on the other side of the state fishing.

The frustrated trapper has been waiting for weeks for BP to give him the go ahead to start helping out.

Dean told his story to Central Florida News 13 this weekend:

Last month he said BP paid for him to travel to Sarasota and take a training class.

But it’s been weeks, and he’s still on standby.

annoyed because I’ve actually been turning work down in order to be
able to go ahead and go when they do call me,” said Dean.

To watch the video report of Dean’s story, click HERE.

Hopefully Dean will be called to action soon, but, if not, he could pick up some coastal fishing tips in “The Complete Book of Surf Fishing” by Al Ristori. You can pick up a copy for yourself HERE.

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