Oklahoma Fur Bearer Alliance June-July 2009

President — Shannon Sheffert, 1301 Old Bumpy Rd., Stillwater, OK 74074; cell phone: 405-742-7884; e-mail: ssheffert@odot.org

Vice President — Janice Johnson, 18197 S. 337th W. Ave., Bristow, OK 74010; phone: 918-367-3810; e-mail: jjohnson6431@sbcglobal.net

Secretary — John Weygandt, 4720 S. 26th W. Ave., Tulsa, OK 74107; phone: 918-557-1282; e-mail: j.weygandt@maccor.com

Treasurer — Vivian Scott, P.O. Box 179, Alderson, OK 74522; phone: 918-426-6918; e-mail: littlerockmeme@msn.com

FTA Director — Terry Thornton, Rt. 2 Box 71, Hartshorne, OK 74547; phone: 918-297-2073

NTA Director — Darrell Woodward; P.O. Box 580416, Tulsa, OK 74134; phone: 918-625-3891;
e-mail: ibtrapn@aol.com

Membership Options:
• 1-year membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $20
• Family membership with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $25
• Lifetime (Over 70) with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $150
• Lifetime with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $300

Complete membership application on first page of
association section and send dues to:
OFBA, Treasurer
Vivian Scott
P.O. Box 179, Alderson, OK 74522
918-426-6918; littlerockmeme@msn.com


We here in Oklahoma have a big “Thank You” to say. Due to the efforts of Representative Pruett and State Senator Corn, we now have an extended general furbearers season! These two gentlemen introduced a bill that we had asked for and they helped keep it on track and secured passage of the bill, which now allows the harvest of furbearers From Dec. 1 through the month of February. This runs concurrent with the bobcat season. We might have had some help from the Wildlife Department on this season change, but the main people who were responsible for this are the folks who contacted their senators and representatives to support passage of this bill.

We have had good success with some of our requests for season changes, opening seasons on otters and red foxes and the simplification of the bodygrip program thanks to some folks at the wildlife department. None of these changes have come quickly, and we still have some laws that we would like to see changed in the future, so we just need to keep working with the wildlife department to get these season and limit changes made.

On a different note, thanks to Reginald Murray, we now have a blog site/link to our association Web site. If I got the note correct, you just need to go to our Web site at oktrapper.com/blog to get in with the bloggers, whatever that is. I thought blogging is what happens when it gets real muddy and your trap and truck get stuck in the mud? This high-tech stuff is above me.

More info on the Web site that you might check out if you get a chance is the general program for the fall meeting. I believe that the meeting is on Oct. 17 at Okmulgee County Fairgrounds.

Reginald has worked up a schedule of events and demos. Also note that we are not going to have the summer trappers workshop this summer. About the same time that we were going to have the event, the Fur Takers of America are going to hold their national meeting in Mena, Arkansas and I would hope that we have a large contingent of members at that meeting. If you have any questions about the FTA meeting, contact either Terry Thornton or myself. Hope to see you there.

One last thing to note, in order to increase our membership, Joe Stanbro is going to continue his membership drive and will give a 1 Oz. bottle of trapping lure to any new members. Also there is lure for those who sign up new members and a 4 oz bottle of lure for the person that signs up the most new members. Please ask around and see if you can get some new members signed up. Thanks for the promotion Joe.

One last thing to note is our elections that will be held this fall for all officers and directors. Please contact prospective candidates for office and then send in nominations for all offices to either Reginald Murray or John Weygandt. We will send out ballots in early September that you can mail back in or bring them to the fall meeting.

I hope all is well with you and your families and that you had a chance to get out this spring and enjoy some fishing between rains. I didn’t hurt the turkey population this spring season, but I did have fun watching birds and wildflowers while I was in the woods. I also did feed the ticks with some of my blood from my outings in the woods, so please be careful while you are out there and don’t get a case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or Lyme disease.

Please keep up with some good bug spray and check yourself for ticks after every outing. You would think that a tick wouldn’t like a grungy old trapper like me, but instead they seem to love me. Hope to see you all at Mena, Arkansas in June.

— Shannon Sheffert

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